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Limit clan Recruiter's actions. Break Recruiter post in two.

AuthorLimit clan Recruiter's actions. Break Recruiter post in two.
A clan's recruiter can :

1. Invite members in the clan
2. Evict a member from the clan
3. Withdraw invitations from the clan
4. Change any member's description in the members list of the clan

Now, in most cases leaders have hard times explaining how eviction and withdraws work to newbie recruiters and in other cases we don't want the recruiters to have all these priviledges. So here is my suggestion :

Break the Recruiter post in two : Recruiter and Manager (or anything similar that doesn't remind of business).

The Recruiter will have the only priviledge :

1. Invite members in the clan.

The Manager will have the rest priviledges :

2. Evict a member from the clan
3. Withdraw invitations from the clan
4. Change any member's description in the members list of the clan

This way we will avoid seeing the history of these clans getting repeated :


(for those who don't know, these clans - and maybe others that I'm not aware of - were very active, however they lost all their members due to a selfish recruiter that disagreed with the leader or had some kind of personal advantage-interest.)

I am sure most of the leaders out there want to be able to limit recruiters actions like this. I know a recruiter has to be someone of trust, but you never know if your recruiter's account gets hacked, or given to another person or you have a strong argue and suddenly your friendship turns to hate.

In addition to this it would be perfect if the recruiters' invitations didn't cost gold to the clan directly but to the recruiter himself, so a hater recruiter couldn't waste the clan's gold too.

What about a Military Clan ? Yeah I know, the leaders are very strict there and they are supposed to be more dedicated to the game than other clans, but there is still a risk.

I have thought of many solutions to this problem as a leader that cares for his clan and I can't find a perfect one. I was thinking of making recruiters only trustworthy and experience guys, but how could I reject those newcomers who just leveled up to 5 and want to taste the environment of a clan ? Everyone starts from somewhere, I can't expect everyone to know how to do their job perfectly, neither would it be nice if they couldn't find a clan anywhere due to this fact.
Well no need of managers
Just remove all powers of recruiters other than inviting
End of the story :o)
and then the manager can disagreed with the leader or had some kind of personal advantage-interest. so, why not give 2. Evict a member from the clan authority to clan leader himself ?
Something similar was introduced 3 days ago on .ru. Recruiters lost the ability there to evict members.

I like this idea.

We need managers (I mean one that evicts, etc). It is because sometimes, the clan leaders are not very active too. Then there should be someone to look after the job. But seriously, recruiters need to be bound only to recruiting job.
Why appoint a recruiter you don't trust?
Why appoint a recruiter you don't trust?
thats point too

but still +1
I think this suggestion is very logical, I would love to make more of my clan a recruiter, but I don't want any of them evicting etc. in my brother's clan a member who was recruiter changed people's status to things like 'arse licker' and evicted people who had power in the clan when my brother was evicted.

I think people still should have those powers but they would have to be more trustworthy, I want lots of recruiters to increase the clan's activity, but I don't want anybody abusing powers
for cakur:

Well, just in case the leader trusts someone completely he should be able to have a right hand who is able to evict members too, just reducing the probability to have a bad evictor.

for Barbarian-Fishy:
Because many guys in my clan ask me to be recruiters, but of course I can't trust everyone. What am I supposed to tell them ? "yeah kid, you are level 5, just joined my clan and I can't trust you" ? No, if no leader can trust them, how can they become recruiters in the first place ? It's not funny at all, many guys show interest in improving their clan, why do I have to be anxious about their actions whenever I give them the chance to improve the clan ?

for Magier:
That's good news, it means that admins understand the need of this implementation. I'm glad and hope we'll have it soon too.
Oh and an alternative to this could be to limit the evictions allowed by the leader.

For example the leader has the option to set an eviction limit, if that limit is reached no player can be further evicted and the leader can reset the eviction limit to his likes any time he wants to.

Or limit the evictions allowed per day, for example noone (even the leader) can evict more than 10 players per day from the clan. So in case of bad recruiter actions the leader could notice within the day and take immediate actions.
limit the evictions allowed by the leader. = Make the leader able to limit the evictions allowed.
+1, I know we should appoint trustable people to recruiter posts but still what are the odds after all it's MMORPG and people from all around the globe play it.I guess the main objective of global server was the interaction of players from diff. countries.So upto what extent we can get the accountability of their actions?
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