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All about Barbarian's: Talents, Stats, Skills etc


AuthorAll about Barbarian's: Talents, Stats, Skills etc
Old topic I think is outdated since I couldn't find one. Therefor here is a new one and lets talk strategies, ranging from lvl 1 - 15.

I want to know that does ogremagi do good in pvp or we need them only for chastise?
they are pretty good with the right setup, for instance, if you have thrusting might, advanced off, battle fury, weighty weapons, basic fortune, with setup: 62 orc, 28 ogre magi, 5 cyclops, leftover rocs and hobs as blockers. you could shoot and hero attack your opponents until they are forced to come get you. this would be most useful strategy with ogres.
My favourite setup in CL 14 is with a few stack of 10 ogre magi or 2 stacks of 5 ogres to cast chastise , they dont attack so got combat readiness +40-50% easily to do a great hit in the last turns.

They can be great blockers too because his big HP
In PVP i always find more usefull a big fat stack of wolfs raiders than hobs thats because I almost never use the seTup with full ogres + hobs ( Only for Survival Tournaments and some kind of hunts )

In CL 12-13 pvp battles I always used very few rocs-tbirds and full wolfs - orcs , 4-5 cyclops and rest ogre magi.
Question 2.
What is best talent setup for lvl6
I dont have any ideas to put more than 6AP
Also with hobs which factions can i win against
You can beat any faction with barb at that level with proper strategy.
what talents.
and dont tell me i have to like hope the opponent is a dumbhead
Offense, morale or luck, all are good at lvl 5. I like morale the most. Nothing about "dumbheads", but you have to hope you'll be more clever than the ennemy. Barb is all or nothing. Either you make the good move and hobs instant kill the ennemy, either you make the wrong one, and it's instant death of hobs.
and i needed lvl6 talents troop settings
Troops is the same as lvl 5; talents, you've found out yourself already.
Tip for a newbie barb...

How i could win this fight? -> https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=504019628&lt=-1

I though if i have put my hobs one house ahead, i could reach spirites and eb, but will be inside druids range, and won't will have any cover from ogres...


Also a have a little crazy optional build for CL 7 mainly for 3x3 fights...

Which is take defensive talents and put all in defense, make few stacks with orcs to farm bloodlust and balance defense with attack...

Will be good to orcs they will be the main unit... The others still fine... I mean hobs lost 60% attack but get +60% def... Ogres are better with def...

Sounds a little crazy but could work... Did some one have tried it before? :)
What would be a good artifact combo for CL 8 P2P, tourneys, and hunts?
Also, which talents should I take once I level up to CL 9?
Hunt - min ap
Tournaments and CG - Max AP, get the expensive one (Only might stats)


Advc Offensive + Fury + Retribution
what is the best talent for lvl 12 barb
What you have now looks good. Though maybe you could try dropping Luck and taking cold Blade or Tactics, if you want
At my opnion you should trade retribution for archery, if you plan to do CG battles since you won't will use rings of hope and amulet of braveley anymore...

But if you plan, do simple hunts, tournaments etc. You should keep how it already is.
Thnx guyz.
Can some 1 plz post link for a barb thief lvl 12-13
for #14: for pvp at lv 12, I found that thrusting might, advanced off, batle fury, wieghty weapons and basic fortune worked really well. All you need to deal massive damage as barb is bf, and massive hero attack will make opponents come to you. rocs will be almost be useless with this build, so take as few as possible to be blockers. ofc max orcs, cyclops, your choice of wolfs or hobs.

I liked this build a lot when I played as a barb, hope this works for you too.. gl :)
Id like to ask for advice about the artifact selection for the ST lvl 6, to be more precise about amulet of luck or medal of bravery, 4 morale, or 3 + 1 luck?
also cape of winds or longbow on the back - I am aware that this depends to some extent on the tournament build. Talents are basic offense and battle fury.
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