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looking for creative people.

Authorlooking for creative people.
I'm Paris-hilton.

It's my newpaper

I want to find creative people for joint cooperation.
we dont know russian and cant understand whats there
btw i am in
This is a newspaper dedicated to the game.
4000 players every day reading our newspaper.
We were interested to know what you think about the upcoming merger of servers.
On the Russian server.
As well as interviewing ivestnyh players.

I'm also looking for someone who could help me with an interpreter.
just ell how i can help
i will be most wiling to
translator you would have to search here someone who knows both English and Russian(wont be a trouble) as for our views if we could get as much information about updates as you guys we could present more thoughtful views

for interview you tell us guys your skype id or facebook id
I am ready to answer all your questions.
at the end of the month, I'll try to find updated information about merging servers.

Please find me a translator.
It will be possible to arrange a joint conference in the skype

Now, I must leave for 2 hours.
when I get back I will answer all questions.
I am pretty creative, with the writing thing and stuff, though don't know Russian. I could provide you with my views on merge though.
I read your newspaper daily with the help of an online translator :)

I'm ready to help you in every way I can. But unfortunately I can't speak russian without a transaltor.
I'm in . if you are.
did someone call?

i am in
i have no information about the merge and i dont speak russian so some things in my mind may change after recieving further infos but im willing to tell my current opinion:

im looking forward for events, tourneys and stuff like that although my char will be to weak to be on top coz .ru chars have much better exp/fsp ratio after having lots of tourneys and events

a merge would be really great

but, would be complete &%$/?"! (i keep this word to myself) if the only language on merged server is russian
as u can see from these lines, im not an native english speaking person, but this is internet with 'i' as in internatinoal or www with 'w' as in worldwide so lets talk/write/read the language most people understand

if only language is russian i have to ask myself 'why?' most people using internet speak english (just a few claim they dont^^), hope there is english language on merged server too, if not its just &%$/?"!

really looking forward for further information
lol i can use the translator to view my views.

Just need a small pm
Good Luck!
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