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The new faction- Dragons

AuthorThe new faction- Dragons
The Dragons
The Blast which shook the earth a few million years ago created the earths most beasts. When the survivors of the blast regained strength and were fully healed, they started discovering the new types. Once a boy found a golden egg and took it home. People laughed on him for keeping a stone in his house. But he knew that they were wrong. He believed it was a new type. And the day came when the golden egg hatched. The boy was amazed. He searched every book he could but could not understand which type it was. So he kept it with him and didn’t tell anybody his secret. He named the young baby that came out hatchling. Hatchling used to ask for food when he wanted and was very independent. In a little time hatchling grew into a little taller creature. Its nose started to smoke when it wanted to say something. Soon it grew talons and became bigger enough to require more space then the boy’s bedroom. The boy hid him in the garden hoping no one would see him. Soon the creature was too big to be concealed. The boy knew it was time to reveal him. He had only one idea which was too dangerous. He started teaching the creature how to hide in shadows. The creature learnt it very eagerly and in no time it could play fetch in the shadows. It learnt a technique where it could go into another person’s shadow. Soon the creature gave metallic eggs. And came out a few more dragons. They went through the same process of hiding. They were sometime noticed by their tail but none bothered. They were first caught when the boy had become a young gentleman. He had a family of twenty dragons. When they got to know the dragons attacked the whole town. Not a single life was speared. Only the boy was live. This way the dragons got the whole town and started to live in it. If someone went in the town he was killed. Many years went by. One day a dragon laid his eggs near water and Immidiately died. It was the first death. Its eggs went in water and the creatures that were born were water dragons. The boy became old and figured out the dragons had a much longer life then him. Soon he was old and about to die. But he didn’t know something. The dragons were waiting for this…. They made him immortal using special raise the dead powers. And then they took over the whole world….

I have worked on this faction for 2 weeks
Tier-1 Golden Egg
Tier=2 Hatchling
Tier-3 Smoker
HP-24, SPEED-5, INITIATIVE-13, DAMAGE-3-6, DEFENSE-7, MANA-0, SHOTS-0 Abilities- Dragonic, Smoke
Tier-4 Talonster
HP-45, SPEED-7, INITIATIVE-12, DAMAGE-6-8, DEFENSE-7, MANA-0, SHOTS-0 Abilities- Dragonic, Poison claw, Screech
Tier-5 Shadow Swapper
HP-35, SPEED-7, INITIATIVE-15, DAMAGE-12-15, DEFENSE-11, MANA-0, SHOTS-0 Abilities- Dragonic, Shadow Swap, Flyer, Undead
Tier-6 Water Dragon
HP-105, SPEED-7, INITIATIVE-17, DAMAGE-20-25, DEFENSE-17, MANA-20, SHOTS0 Abilities- Dragonic, Caster, Shooter, Large creature
Tier-7 Dragozard
Abilities-Dragonic, Flame, Philosophy, Flyer, Large Creature
Upgrades, Abilities definition to come in next post
Ability can be used once in battle, When ability is used all enemy creatures on battlefield get stunned.

Ability can be used once in battle, When ability is used all enemy troops get blinded for one chance.

Poison Claw-
When the opponent stack is hit it gets posioned. 1 damage per stack of ours.

Ability can be used once in battle, When ability is used enemy creatures do 50% damage till 1 turn

Shadow Swap-
Ability can be used once in battle, When ability is used the attacked stacks hp is taken by this creature and the opponent stack gets the hp of this creature. This swapped hp only remains till your creature is done 1 perish and so for the enemy.

Caster of spell drown (Water Dragon)-
The 3x3 where this spell will attack has to be selected. In that 3x3 area the spell will deal 25 damage to everything if attacked by 1 stack.

When this creature is attacked, the attacking creature gets flamed (same as posioning). Even if the creature doesnt retliate.

I know that this is a very different built faction for each lvl but i hope that the admins ill give recruiting according to the creatures strenght
-+1 too overpowered but kibble characters
i said then put less amounts.
Plz specify whats overpowered
Good for imgination only
No need for this faction.
Good for imgination only

Mine is probably better except the names;
i think mine has much more new things.
Upgrades coming soon
i think mine has much more new things

I also made racial ability, troop count, talent and basic primary skill. im only missing their history/background.
I think some of them are too overpowered ; specify? You DIDNT write the "attack" points so I can't; all i can assume is that cry/smoke is way too op... sounds more like reset-the-ini-bars. posion claw is SAME as poison, spell drown is way too op (make it 5 dmg or 2x2 10 dmg). Flame? want more variety huh; for more variety, change it to something else. why not lava shield?

one more thing- the speed looks a bit limited. 3-5-5-7-7-7-7... make it more flexible.
man its lvl11 crature.

And i am bringing upgrades too.
Schools stelaing time
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oh no..we(elf,DE,Dwarf & necro yes necro) are doomed.. coz our dragon will declare freedom and join there faction
[Post deleted by moderator BrownBear // Forum Rule: 4.1. Flood means posting messages not related to the discussion matter; messages not car]
oh no..we(elf,DE,Dwarf & necro yes necro) are doomed.. coz our dragon will declare freedom and join there faction That would be hard to explain
i think their is enough factions :P
Nice idea, but too strong, tier 2 units stunning enemies? Game will get out of control with so many factions haha!
no need new faction when we are wait merge
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