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a new race called BEAST


Authora new race called BEAST
how about creating a new race ith name as beasts with units such as extinct animals such as (with sequence of power)

phantom cats
ice apes

the hero will be a hairy ape itself with no weapon in its hands but big wolverine like nails..
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this should go to creative forums
but instead of hairy ape how about a caveman with a club in hand
yes friend that will be better..thanks:)
how about a caveman with a spear in hand and riding a mammoth .
i think there are already enough faction and not enough players, however i think it would be good in the future.
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true, instead of ice apes it could be yeti's
nahh.... nice idea !

Yeti can be upgraded to Ancient Yeti or Giant Yeti .

It looks nice to be tier 6 or 7 ! ( Yeti has a big body , it mean large creature )
yes i forgot the name..even i meant yeti
maybe you can start to make the troops info ! ^_^
thinking about this, there will be alot of troops that are large creatures with this faction (if made)
but if you make the troops , i mean... all of them to be a large creatures , you will be difficulted to set your troops position at battlefield .

lol :D
this should be in the creative forum, moving it
Topic moved from "Ideas and suggestions" to "Creative works".
yes bone_hunter you are right..i think only mammoth n hippocamus should be large units,...yetis wont need 4 blocks..even ogres stand on 2 blocks..and yetis infact r apes o they can manage with 2 legs..
btw i m not very fond of hippocampus..if anyone can suggest a strong dinasaur but small that will be better..
moroever why not introduce centaurs...they r legends themselves:)
so the new list comes to
phantom cats
Sorry mate
There is no point having so many factions
The game with this population does not require so many factions
here comes the description(hey guys u can help me with the damages)

phantomcats(small creature 1 tile) damage 2-5

centaurs(1 tile) high speed n high morale,damage 3-4

sabretooth(1tile) damage 5-11(abilities roar- increases damage of nearby friendly units by 30 percent)

nagas large creatures.,ranged(poison strike)

yetis(4 tile high defence,stunning blow)

phoenix(high fire damage,regeneration n flame shield)burns nearby enemy units by 10 hitpoint each turn

phantomcats is tier 1 ?

the damage 2-5 is too powerful !
maybe better with this , i will make you a choice :


Attack 1-3
Defense 1-4
Damage 1-2 ( if you want to make it regular ) or 2-3 if you wanna make it strong ! )
Health :3-5 ( for regular ) or , 5-10 ( for extraordinary )
speed up to you
initiative up to you
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