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number of waves in conspirator-quests.

Authornumber of waves in conspirator-quests.
as the topic says:

what is the number of waves in conspirator-quests for each level?

thx in advance
ok. i'll start counting.

Necromancers, Demons - conspirators {15}:

Level 15: 11 waves. (is this correct?)

what are the results for the other conspi.-levels??
it is not always the same
it is not?

ok. so we need datas to caculate the formula.
with enough data we can understand how much the differnce is...
it is not always the same

with enough data we can understand how much the differnce is
Here are many samples you can test :

But, I gotta tell you, I had problems finding the randomness in the waves. If you find anything interesting please let me know as well !!
Here are some more samples you can test:
This is Brown Bear's blog : http://lords-wm.blogspot.com/
@2 no its not exactly correct.
at {0} you get 3+0 waves
at {1} you get 3+1 waves
at {7} you get 3+7 waves
at {15}you get 3+15 waves
genral formula is {NUMBER} + 3
read in on ru. quite some time ago ... but in everyday use this formula works for me.
it is not always the same
The formula is 3 + [Number of quest] + [Type of quest]
so for a wiz,elf,de [0] it will be 3 + 0 + 3
Therefore 6!
for you-d0nt-say:

What fo you mean by [Type of quest] ??
correction and sorry for the 2nd post
What do you mean by [Type of quest] ??
for EgoBoy:

he is saying how many conspirator faction I guess, Like
so for a wiz,elf,de here is 3 involved in conspiracy.
yes you dont say is right i forgot :)
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