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Changing clan leader

AuthorChanging clan leader
We know that while changing clan leader the clan must have 0 balnce. I want to know whether the previous leader gets all the money or can the money be taken by treasurer and deposit the full amount after leader is changed at one go?
The former leader must transfer all clan gold to the new leader who must deposit the whole sum in the clan treasury.
3.27.1. Clan ownership can be passed to another character free of charge only. *Clan treasury must be transferred to the new leader and deposited in full to the clan treasury (except paid commission).* In case of Military clan it can only be transferred after consulting the new candidate for leadership with the clan members. Such consulting must be held in the "Clans" section of the forum.

Found here - https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5

thank u for ur answers.

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