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Dark elf or Knight

AuthorDark elf or Knight
I know I have asked this before, but I just did not got the desired answers. Which faction should I choose for PvP's. I both cases, I'll go might (I am not looking forward to change my build :V)
To win a PvP's the player must play with good tactics but besides tactics, there are some natural advantages which one faction has over another. I would like the answer on the basis of that.
I know I have asked this before
Then you know the answer ;o)

They are equally strong.

But if you feel they are equally fun then I think you should choose knight because:
1. You have higher knight faction
2. You don't have TG, it is important for DE vs DE since it is a initiative race
Well i sugest de. becouse de can win any faction but also can loose to any. knights can win easier against some factions, but has no chance against casters. knights has a lot of setups. some gives advantages for certains factions but weakness against others and vise. de is better faction for pvp. and knights are better ir gb but de is better in duel
knights are an extremely balanced team and with large numbers, so you can play with many styles...for example if fighting against shooters you can take guardians( large shields), if melee hitters then crossbowmen.. if you want speed then griffin and casters of course priest.. other factions you can balance but not as flexibily as you can with a knight
Dark Elf you need great skill to master :) but when mastered they are a fearsome side
to 4
but if you are fighting in pvp duel and you donk know who will be your oponent these options arent good. with de is more simple.
I was talking more about MG HG TG and duels.. Its true though DE dont need to balance.. they have low numbers but very powerful
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