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necro for lvl8

Authornecro for lvl8
what talents do u prefer should i keep magic ?? with magic and without (talents i require )..
most nerco without spell power will prefer dis ray or wasp.

knock back and cut down def are useful on most cases. other spells will need SP to keep it active on N [base on your SP] turns,
ask here u will get better answers

If you are going with more atk and just 20 or 30 mana , use basic defence and vitalty .
If you go with 50 mana and the rest atk , use basic darkness magic and mass disruption .. As of for me I found it difficult to defeat a mass disruption necro ... But dont forget to have atleast 2 luck when u go with mass disruption
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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