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steel & magic powder

Authorsteel & magic powder
where can i sell them?

Right column is where you can sell.

Generally for selling resources, select the resource you want here :

i have 10 magic powder few days ago :P i sell most of them at BC Production facilities(Jewellery of Doubts, Wizard cap factory)
how do i sell them?
You can sell if and only if that production unit has enough gold balance and required resource is less than that of resource in stock(max)

you have to wait until someone buy a product form it if there is no gold balance, if enough gold available and required resource is full than you have to wait for people enroll :)
Requirements to sell to facility:
1. You have the resource.
2. The facility uses that resource.
3. The facility doesn't already have full capacity Ex. (179.1 / 180) is considered full.
4. The facility has enough gold to buy it from you.
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