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effect of bb arrow

Authoreffect of bb arrow
range gets increased by 3 tiles
but is there any effect on the 100% damage range?
Where does it say it gets its ranged increased by 3?

Do you mean Beastbanes Bow?

Only effect is the 1 attack bonus and the set bonus if you combine it with other beastbane arts
yeah i mean bb bow..
Increases shooters' range by 3 tiles.
The question is that if there is any effect of +3 range on 100% range
not entirely sure what you mean

You will give 100% damage for units within 9 range and 50% damage with units above that (10+)

* If it is a normal range unit and no other bonus is in effect
I think he mean bonus for unit that has "No Range Penalty" ability :o ...

No effect except the +1 on Attack...
ah ok I got it wrong...
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