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just wondering

Authorjust wondering
hey guys i am just wondering if i drink the new years drink 2013 how long will the effect last for?
24 hours from when you drink it.
thanks :) is there anyway i can buy it again?
No. But you will get a new one for free every day you log in until the New Year event is over on the 4th of January.
thanks bro :) 1 last thing i looked in the battle group and it said someone is fighting a evil dragon 2012, where can i find one? is it like a normal hunt or what?
It is a special New Year Hunt. They will appear just as others do on the map. These will appear until the 4th of January. The chance to get them is higher than getting any other regular creature in a hunt.
ok i think thats all i need to know for now, thank you very much Dizbe u have been most helpful :)

topic closed :)
closed by sora1keyblade2 (2012-12-31 06:19:20)
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