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Exp vs faction

AuthorExp vs faction
I'd like to know how come some players have higher faction at same exp or like all factions at lvl 3 and one very high?
What brings most factions points compared to normal exp? PvP, hunting, ... or what?
the most exp faction points for low level (5 and under) are:
high tournament points(like 3000 points= 2 faction points)
long ,hard ,no AFK group battle

Maybe also if they have stayed on that faction forever and never change.

hope it helps :)
for OneI:
Combats give different exp and fsp depending on type. Many players do just combats that give less exp and more fsp so their characters are stronger comparing to other at same Combat Level.

Example: Monster quest can give 100 exp and 0,5 fsp while hunt can give 2000 exp and 0,5 fsp.
Tnx, to both of you.
Look at this one, someone mailed his link to me
that was before the combat sistem was changed
if you look at his first fights you will see he lost them all
becouse then you get only fsp for loosing
and that guy is a classic example of abusing system :)

later system changed
to prevent that :)
becouse then you get only fsp for loosing

why doesn't it happen now?
why doesn't it happen now?

Now even if you lose you wil get XP
why doesn't it happen now?

Because we dislike a game where you will be rewarded for losing thousands of battles and punished when you win battles.
Maybe they should do something like ... ok do this kind of quests to get a lot of factions points or do some other to primary get lvl exp. So you know what to focus one if you wish. Otherwise thank god they removed that nonsense.
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