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Hello foreign friends , come to you with Russian server , and I want to tell you that left not a lot prior to the merger , we have on the server is already in full is preparing today, it has become noticeable . We are waiting for you .
Thanks a lot, look forward to meeting you! :)
We are hoping for a gentle welcome :P
for Pankaj_Kalra21:
That's going to happen :)
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so when is the merge? :)
there's no announced date; all we know is their intention to do it sometime during this month
I'm happy to see players from .ru server are waiting for us(for me!)
finally merge the thing we have been w8ing for
and iam looking forward to meet russian players as well gonna be fun when we merge
im happy when i see post form russian players and see they are waiting for us :) its so nice :)

she cant post anymore for use cause
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pls put this topic to Qah maybe she tell us soma news about merge ;)
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Temporarily moved back =P
ty Arcitc <3
for -Maszi-:
That's good , and I already wanted to reach 3 that would communicate with you )
for -Maszi-:
Maybe I'm not right that I write sorry , I use the translator :)
Maybe I'm not right that I write sorry , I use the translator :)
no you almost right :) use common,simple Russian words and translate it, that will work.
so what news do u bring us from the russian world oh mighty daha xD
Please inspectors topic is not closed , if there's any news would be pleased to tell them to you .
Yeahh! Looking forward to meet Russian players!
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