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gift exchange

Authorgift exchange
after merge we pick one character to continue.
if someone here wants to continue with his russian character, i can send you 100k gold now on the russian server if you send me 100k gold on the english server before the merge.
Then servers merge and we both have 100k extra and dont use additional characters anymore.

Allowed ?
why not?
Yes, it is legal. Assuming the players giving those gifts abide by this rule;

3.15. Presents must not exceed 10,000 gold * [Combat level of the grantor] + 250 * [Diamonds obtained by the grantor through donations] per month.
Ok great, lets trade.

Maybe we can make a list of people here that will continue with their russian character instead of their english character. Easy quick money before the merge.

how about this?

3.15.3. Transfers for the reason of leaving the game etc. are forbidden. Empire is the only character for liquidation transfers.

If one sends gold forecasting an abandon of his/her character, doesn't it fall under this rule? or even in the indirect financial assist case? In the end one char is feeding indirectly another..
General rule R 3.6. Trading any in-game property or service for real money, as well as trading not game-related property or service in the game is forbidden.

Exchanging .com gold to .ru gold as gifts, might be considered as trading in-game (.com) property to non-game (.ru gold) if someone proves that the gifts were just a masked exchange.
I agree with post 5 and 6. It will probably be illegal transfers.
I'd suggest to avoid this kind of transaction.
Well, I'd agree with 3.6. This surely falls under it. As far as the rule stated in post #5, I don't think anyone could be prosecuted on that ground. They could very well log into these accounts once or twice a month to prove that they were not planning on abandoning them.
Rule 3.6 is invalid - The servers are to be merged. Gold has the same value on either server, so transactions of 100k on one server are still transactions of 100k on the other!

Stick to the gifting rule, 3.15 and you should not have any issues.
And what about the HUGE advantage people with multi characters, used to just accumulate gold, would get over those that only play with one?

Just the X3 labour guild enrollment making it in millions for a lvl 10+?

It stills is indirect financial assist - multis to send money to a main passing through a third party.

I still would like an admin answer to this thing before considering it "allowed".
for guyb:
You're raving. I think you misunderstand the subject of this topic.

Player 1 has an account on .com and an account on .RU - Both are main accounts. Player 2 has the same. All that is happening is one player giving a gift to one account on .Com server, the other giving a gift to the other player on .RU server.

Stop using the word multi, there are no multiple accounts participating. That is against the rules.

Because the merge is within the month, if the players intended only to spend 100k, then all they will gain is 100k - not millions as you said. Again, you are raving.
Administration regards both servers as game media, therefore rule 3.6. doesn't apply.

Rule 3.15. sets margins for such kind of scheme. Note the value and the time margins.

Rule 3.13. states that secondary characters aren't allowed to make presents, cutting that threat away.

Rule 3.15.3. does come in conflict with 3.15. as being a sub-paragraph of it. Therefore, if the character would be abandoned after this kind of present transfer, that present would be forfeit in full. If not, i.e. if those characters continue playing the game at any rate of activity, then there is indeed nothing illegal about the scheme.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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