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new creatures?

Authornew creatures?
when shall we get new creatures i mean 3 5 8 11 14 all new creatures even .ru has level 21 even though no ones gotten it yet there is still no new creatures 7 levels no wonder hunts are impossible
[Post deleted by moderator Dizbe // Misread that as hunt creatures. Doh.]
All those levels are good levels to not spend the gold reward you get!

hunts are impossible - After the merge we will get a variety of new creatures to hunt. Also, hunting isn't the only feature of the game ;) Plenty of other combat types to participate in.
Dizbe, not only hunts but also ambushes and MG quest would get easier if we got reinforcement (like .ru has upgrade of T7 creatures).
J3T, admins are currently pretty busy with .com and .ru merge so don't get your hopes high.
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