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new creatures for factions

Authornew creatures for factions
i not saying i dont like the ones we have now i think there geart but i saw the exp table go up to 21 so does that mean new creatures to get or is that just so you can upgrade the last few in your recruiting
I have read your question about 4 times but i am still not sure what your question is.
I think he wants to ask:

"I'm not saying that the creatures (troops) we have in our army (spanning all the lvls) aren't good. They are great. However, I saw that the combat level has been expanded up to lvl 21. So, will we get new creatures to recruit in our army with the new levels or we are stuck with only the upgraded versions of the already existing creatures (troops)?"

My answer would be to better wait till merge to find your answer, or maybe someone who plays at .ru can answer you better.
ah ok thanks
Unfortanetuly, there aren't any new creatures on 19-21. Only on 18 u can buy 7 upgrade without diamonds. But administration says that in 2013 will appear Magic School 5 and 3 School for Barbarians, of course. :) Some new spells u can see there but I think u won't be able to understand it with Google Translator.
only admins know about this.
try to wait the update release by the admin.
closing thread
closed by Lady hpsim (2013-01-13 17:56:07)
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