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ru in the server writes the name in English

Authorru in the server writes the name in English
for example
so what?
Admins testing both languages
call the cops! its a crime!! :O

Admins testing both languages
which i suspect they would test at the end to see if everything new will work so i see merge very soon
call the cops! its a crime!! :O

Agreed. We've got Arctic in jail already. Time to go for the big fish...
It was always this way if I can remember... Pointless thread and wrong section.
Sorry, my mistake, I didn't notice what you mean...
my username is also in english on .ru
the game allows english and russian usernames
but how is your query regarding this game? You should be discussing it here:
(until the servers are merged)
for Pankaj_Kalra21:
for DaveM:

look at the end when the table shows exp and monsters defeated.

the name of the creatures defeated is both in russian and english.
.....see end result screen, has nothing to do with username >.>
Probably just the admins doing some testing. Or a bug over there. I do not see how this concerns us, or what the proposed question is.

Therefore, I am closing this topic.
closed by Lord Dizbe (2013-01-13 16:46:58)
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