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how does the bloodlust work?
i mean is there a formula?
Attack parameter of this creature increases every time any enemy stack perishes completely. The effect is calculated as 1.3*[basic attack of the perished stack without character bonuses]*[strength of the perished stack]/[strength of all army of that character]. The effect cannot be lower than 1. Strength is an unrevealed parameter. Creatures acquire bloodlust for the rest of the combat, bloodlust effects stack up.

you gotta love complicated formulae involving undisclosed parameters ^^
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you got that right, dwarf_ruler... my HOPE is that time_keeper doens't come back asking for a pratical example :D
[Player banned by moderator syrian until 2013-01-14 14:07:58 // Flooding in Q&H. sorry just didn't resist :p]
" sorry just DIDN'T resist :p"

That should be just COULDN'T resist :D

And yeah sorry for flooding in QnH. JUST COULDNT RESIST :D

And dont ban me for more than 5 mins as u baned urself for just 5 ;)
[Player banned by moderator syrian until 2013-01-14 18:35:39 // actually, we could both have resisted, but neither of us did. 5 min for you too ;)]
I think QATC ;)
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