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contest grouns

Authorcontest grouns
What is this feature???

17. Contest grounds are available at Lizard Lowland, Shining Spring, Rogues' Wood, Titans' Valley and Mithril Coast locations since combat level 5. There are limits on ammunition (high AP threshold, but enchantments have no effect in those combats), and up to 5 daily attempts. Victories grant fair experience and faction skill points, but each victory increases the difficulty of next contestant, while defeat decreases it.
thanks Dizbe, and does that combat give nice skill ratio???
Fair experience and FSP means that it is the average ratio. There is no fsp bonus from winning those battles.
give me a ban for 5 minutes pls
Player banned by moderator Lord Dizbe until 2013-01-24 01:35:50 // BOW - 5 minutes.
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