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Vanguard of elves

AuthorVanguard of elves

In this combat druids lightened enchanted gargoyles
But I haven't see druids lighting enchanted gargoyles before

Has some thing changed?
I think yes. Usually, druids cast stoneskin in allied troops, or just lighting something else.
I have never seen them do that in a vanguard before. Not sure why they did it in your combat?!
You are lucky that the druids did not attack your garg by using range..You could have lost if they do tht

Smart AI :P
But usually they light orcs while playing against Barbarians
Thats because you were playing .com's AI

Now you are in .ru server..expect something different
AI has changed?
didnt know that
dont remember i saw it somewhere at all this new Helps and FAQs
btw do you guys know that potion of oblivion now resets faction change counter?
you can change faction at your will now
just have to pay for that some gold
Happened to me also. They usually (always) cast lightning on my ghosts, but they kept striking the enchanted gargoyles.

closed by Prince Werna (2013-02-04 18:31:19)
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