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Some Questions with Merge

AuthorSome Questions with Merge
1 - Does forum excluded in merge?

2 - What's the function of Clan owning a factory?

3 - In tournament , does Knight and Holy Knight shared the same score? (Also for Demon and Dark Demon)

4 - In tournament , does Enchanted Artifacts work?
1: no there are two forum now, if you want to see russian forum go to www.heroeswm.ru and use your login
2: in .ru afrer war event MC clans awarded production/factory units to control
3. yes
4.depends upon the tourny type.
Question expansion -

2 - What the clan get for controlling them?

4 - What about Survival Tournament?


Another Extra Question -

Does Score for Survival tourney also being merged?
2 - What the clan get for controlling them?

They get gold per day for controlling them. Some clans earn as much as 100k per day.
2 - What the clan get for controlling them?

Gold. =)


2013-02-01 00:01: Based on previous day results for defending map facilities (155, 204, 244, 341, 358), the clan is awarded 13489 gold.
Sorry , but here's another question..

What East Island doing in the map? I can click on it but nothing happened...
East Island was a location for some event. Currently it is unaccessible.
4 - What about Survival Tournament?
you can carry enchantment arts but sorry they have no effect in ST :P
Aye thanks...
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