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Why were we born? ( a poem )

AuthorWhy were we born? ( a poem )
A poem to show how insignificant man is -

Imagine there are no possessions-
No race: no greed : no hunger
No feeling known as selfishness
Then what is there to fight?

Imagine there are no wants-
No bungalows and big land,
The world be a common place,
How could be poverty?

Imagine there are no disasters-
No tsunamis; floods and storms,
No losing people, struck with grief,
Then where does sorrow come from?

Imagine there are no pretty fights-
No enemies , just our comrades,
If we all follow, the path of unity,
Can't the world be a better place?

It may seem a world of dreams -
No difference , disasters and fights;
What had we possessed in birth,
For us to fight in life.

-By me

So let us stand together and secure the innocent people.. and make this place a better place to live..
rather than sitting and wasting our time saying oh noo these idiots are making this earth worse.
Comments and critics welcomed.
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you meant petty fights right?
nice work with the poem though.
yes petty not pretty sorry
Inspired by john lennons imagine?
Nope i just browsed it , and i found it out to be a song , i never heard it , this one was from my own when i was seeing a film :P
Nope i just browsed it , and i found it out to be a song , i never heard it

Never heard John Lennon? :o
I also thought you had it from John Lennon ;).

Nice one though, Imagine life was easy..
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