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Some art.

AuthorSome art.


Yes, this is Hunter set. I also wanted to make a background with a tree and some bushes and grass, but.. that's beyond my current skill.
The light source is from a left and a bit top.

I mostly post it here to get some advices and critic :D
I'm drawing for like 1 month, so I just learning and it's not good...
Still I'm not sure about style of drawing, should I aim for realism (I'm not prof artist, so it's probably not good idea) or just draw in some other style that suits my current abilities? Then what style is that?
I'm not good at giving shape to objects (with light and shadows), also I'm really terrible at drawing faces.

Here some other examples, but they are even worse in technique:
please remove your mail barrier.

which software did you use for those pics?

those are cool but the hunter's eyes are not correctly placed
please remove your mail barrier.
PM "Vrrn" as it's my pseudomain. (I had to post with Naga Sadow, because he's higher lvl, but both character don't violate add. char. rules, later in the future Vrrn will be main.)

which software did you use for those pics?
Photoshop CS3.

hunter's eyes are not correctly placed
Heard it already, no, they are OK with this head rotation, I already tried to move pupils and it always made her to look not on you, but on the side.
Nice girls! :3

Female Elite FK :D
No tatoos and color yet.

About details: note, that HoMM5's war dancer and HWM's elite FK have different look, I refered to HWM's elite FK.
AAhh! Sorry, I forgot feathers! They will come with colored version. X_X
Actually, there were a lot mistakes, so only now I'll start making colored version =/


+Spine correction.
+Right hand sword position correction.

If there're any mistakes/your wishes, you may tell, I'm open for critic :D

Also I'm going to draw every HWM non-monstrous humanoid creatures in female variations. Later, when my skill improves so you can call it 'images', there will be backgrounds also and some action, not just a person.
That is simply AWESOME! :)
Thank you :D
Colored version will be made today (for almost any Europe time), I finished most of work for now, just need to polish a lot things and I'll shot it.
At last.

Hairs aren't good, I know. But still I've learned a lot from this work, so my next image will be better.
She looks in kind of interesting way and it makes good general impression. Surely you have to work on colours.
The problem of this image is a light source mostly, I've never drawn an image with light source in behind. Originally I wanted to make something like this:

As you can see, the light source is left-behind, so most body in my image is in shadow. Probably I won't start a new image yet, I'll work on current one and even make a background almost similar to the one on the link.
Your image is much bigger and without background so maybe impression is different also for those reasons.

+Monir fixes on FK herself.

Not final version still, will work on it more.
Tatoos are darker than on efk while skin is brighter than on efk so the contrast is much bigger. It might look like tatoo and skin does not make one body.

How about trying to make skin little darker in some parts / use different levels of darkness, so that she does not look like albino ;)
I tried making tatoo lighter, but then it looked strange, don't forget that most of body is in shadow. As for skin color - it's personal taste :D I like pale skin. Btw tatoo color similar to original one on efk, it's only the skin that is pale.
There're a lot routine work, I have already spent several hours on polishing today and yesterday and will do more tomorrow and may be the day after, then some more fixes and it'll be the final work in the end. But it's all my fault, I changed a style a bit and didn't accounted some things and it wasn't good, but still better, than all my images before, since now I'll not repeat the same mistake again, so all my next images will have much better quality from the start.

Most of things that were changed you would see only on zooming, in general everything is almost the same.
First time tested fake HDR, due to my failure from the very start of drawing it wasn't good, also I would spend less time on totally drawing whole image from scratch again without mistakes, than on polishing it...
would spend
would have spent*
bad english.
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