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Author15th Mixed Tournament
"Sire Grammith,
The Supreme Council of the Sunny City and I, Sorish, senior advisor of the wizard King, are utterly concerned by the events taking place in the Empire. The Council does not endorse experiments with ancient dark arts performed by Abu-Bakir, but alas, it isn't in our power to prevent them.
None the least, this vast an attention to the tournament of insight on the Unholy atrocities causes apprehension in connection with excessive popularization of Darkness magic. Recurring to my position, I ask you to solicit organising a more distinguished and large-scale tournament in order to distract the attention of the major part of Empire citizens from the Unholy subject.
Respectfully yours, senior advisor Sorish"

Familiarised with the contents of the scroll, Grammith switched his look to the carrier gargoyle who delivered and sighed heavily. Yet again the disliked politics was distracting his attention from reflections on more important military matters.
"Those wizards can never settle down", he said to himself. "They would better make up something useful... Like magical non-overturning hammocks for the barracks. Or better yet, an enchanted non-spilling mug", he remembered how a few days ago he accidentally spilled tea over several important documents. "But in fact, the request is quite sensible... There cannever be too many tournaments! And all those new artifacts discovered in the crypt, it'd be neat to test them on the arena. Alright, so be it!", Grammith decided, and sat to compose a pledge for organizing a Mixed tournament.

Lordship, today starts the 15th Mixed tournament, where legends of the arena and those who have just stepped on their way to glory may find themselves fighting on one side.
Do not miss an opportunity to prove your worth in the eyes of the entire Empire!

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