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Author11th Blindfold Tournament Plus
Grammith had been worried about an important matter since the day the foreign Councilors swore allegiance to the Empress, thus adjoining all fugitives to the Empire population on their behalf and populating the Empire army. It was whether these newest recruits could effectively collaborate with his own military on the battlefields, whether they could be really counted on during serious large-scale hostilities.
No matter how zealously Sir Kalirosh expressed his arguments, for the Empire Warlord the only authentic confirmation was to test the subjects in the arena. They had already manifested the skills of finding agreement with random partners in the Mixed tournament, collaborating on the terms of partners in the Paired tournament, and proving their individual worth in Minor tournaments. With all results analyzed, conclusions drawn, and armies balanced, the Warlord prepared another trial which would test a different aspect of the foreign Lords - the trial of intuition and ruse.

Lords and Ladies,
Today starts the 11th Blindfold Tournament "Plus". The arena challenges all combatants of combat level 3 and above to test their strength, self-mastery and intuition in the most unpredictable battles on the 6-man "Everyone for Oneself" blindfold arena.
In tournament combats, players nicknames and unique character images are concealed. Players compete at surviving the longest on the arena. The first one to leave the battlefield gets 0 tournament points, the second - 1 point, and so forth with the winner being awarded 5 points. If a player does not take offensive actions continuously, the troops begin to act independently. In order to reduce the probability of troops' waywardness or to regain control over independent ones, it is necessary to move, attack or use an ability with them.
At the end of the
"Plus" type of Blindfold tournament, characters are rewarded by individual faction separately. You only compete with other representatives of your faction for a fraction of the prize fund.

Do not miss the opportunity to contest for the prize fund, as well as some Commanders' guild points for those who have passed the guild trial, and rare faction achievements:


The recruit count for certain factions has been changed. All lords are advised to check for changes at the recruiting page and recruit any available additional troops.
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