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EW's members reach the top of Crystal Event


AuthorEW's members reach the top of Crystal Event
I want to congratulate Empire's Wrath members that did very well in the recent Portal of Time event. You made us proud. Here they are:

Airic 35
Zilgen 35
liuker 34
GeraldTarrant 34
SunnyDaisy 34
Antviolence 33
Jitulek 33
Syaoran82 33
-GrifonHeart- 33
Curcu 33
Lord Alec 33
Lord cepruyc 33
Lord lakee 33
Edwin 33

Well done may you have bigger success in future events.
Great job, congratulations :)
congratulations :)
congratulations :)
I can't even make full attempts
grats :)

i should've ended with 34-35 too.. but some bad plays/unfortunate things cause me to lose about 5 games XD
good work
and grats for the clan within the top 50 :)
congrats all)
Congratz, you did very well. I didn't even play all my battle and still had more loss than you guys :D

and grats for the clan within the top 50 :)
Yeah AnD and EW did well to finish in top 50. Especially AnD who was close to top 10 was very impressive.

wish i coulda made it up there as well :P
congratulations !
gratz :)
gratz :)
Congrats and good teamwork among the preset teams :)
That is a great amount of members on top, you guys are awesome :)
An awesome result for an awesome clan !
Portal of time is my favorite event. I love it.
Gratz! =)
gratz mates
gratz mates! and specially gratz to all .com players for let in the past the discussion between MCs... so, congratz EW, AnD and EFL you all have the best players in these games! :D
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