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#7328 Lords of the Hunt


Author#7328 Lords of the Hunt
The original exclusive hunting clan has now opened its doors seeking worthy hunters.

The goal is to try and have several hunters of equal levels to assist in hunts.

Also guidance can be provided by highly experienced players as a sort of mentor/student apprenticeship.

Master hunter arts available for rent.

Free oxygen for life to all members, yes you read right, you can breathe for FREE! if you join. (offer limited to the first 1,000,000 members only)

Please read requirements to join and then pm me, Jeverag or one of the recruiters if you are interested.
Somehow there was a mix up yesterday.

So I will clarify that the air is free not the membership :p

air free, membership not.
our deputy of the clan also has bb arts for rental now

thank you Edwin and Sworks for your bumps :D
Welcome newest member Instinctivity to our clan :D

sometimes I just wish my partner were here. Its ok to team up with others but strike partners are the best.

All hunters join. There is no excuse. If you hunt, then join.

If you want to make hunter records, which is highly encouraged, then rent from us.

Original Hunters clan, which by the way will never go military, so come one come all:)
Let us hunt together!
the day of hollows eve has approached us.

Looking for braves willing to fight.

do you have what it takes to be a true hunter??
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