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hunt assist now fully increase next monster count by 30%?

Authorhunt assist now fully increase next monster count by 30%?
i fought 85 renegade thugs few days ago with hunt assist, killed 62% of the monsters according to the fsp gained

expected the next time i meet renegade thugs i would've faced about 100 of them, but instead i faced 111 thugs which is 30% more of the previous amount, which should've happened had i face the 85 thugs alone

so, right now does it still matter how much you kill in a hunt assist? will the increase always be 30%?
I guess they changed the fsp for hunts, but did not change the formula for amount increase. That means the increase is always 30% as long as we kill 50% or above in the previous hunt, because killing 50% gives 0.5fsp and thus leads to a full increase.

Did admin forget to change or make it purposely?
This is kind of interesting. I was hoping to share my weaker hunts to enjoy the minimum XP for a bit but it seems this mechanic will make that unfeasible. It's bad but I guess it will ensure that early starters will be able to maintain HG/XP (and possibly FSP/XP) ratio advantage...

We need more observations...
Solo (100%):

2013-08-28 04:26: Grusharaburas[12] vs Tribal goblins (182) https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=556592731
2013-08-31 03:39: Grusharaburas[12], HELPER[12] vs Tribal goblins (236)

Assisted (50/50 even):

2013-09-01 04:01: Grusharaburas[12], HELPER[12] vs Brawlers (474) https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=557453281
2013-09-03 03:57: Grusharaburas[12], HELPER[12] vs Brawlers (617)

That settles it, I guess.
the formula is easy, next amount = curent amount * 1.69 ^ (fsp won on current hunt)
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the formula is easy, next amount = current amount * 1.69 ^ (fsp won on current hunt)
formula is not changed, that is the problem eddy. New update changed fsp gained,so even though you kill less(assist kill more) you get more number of creature next time.
so, is the previous formula still applicable if i kill less than 50% (gain less than 0.5 fsp)?
the max increase is still set on 30%, so if you do your hunts alone, there is no change.
However it looks like the hunt increase for asking for assistance is bugged, so i would advise to wait with asking for assistance until it is fixed.
formula is
new = old * 1.69 ^ fsp
while it should be
new = old * 1.69 ^(fsp/2)
I had already posted it in my topic after seeing the post from sareth and i think arctic is already aware of it.
a small update;
arctic stated that the old formula is still applied and there are no intentions to change this

for the hunt increase, there is no bug, and it is hardly a feature. It is still 1.3 ^ (2*fsp) but capped at 1.3.
the formula is easy, next amount = curent amount * 1.69 ^ (fsp won on current hunt)

Really? That was the old version when we could get a maximum amount of 0.5 FPS.

Since we can now get a maximum amount of 0.5 FPS this would mean, that each hunt will increase the amount by 69%!!!

That is unbelivable! That are more the double the additional amount that we did have before.
no, it is still capped at a 30% increase, so if you hunt solo, you ll get 0.5 fsp more than the past.
if you ask for assistance and both kill 50%, you will get 0.5 HG points LESS than the past.
so, the previous formula 1.3 ^ (2*fsp) is still applied despite the increase in fsp, and the increase is capped at 1.3

am i missing anything? thanks
so, the previous formula 1.3 ^ (2*fsp) is still applied despite the increase in fsp, and the increase is capped at 1.3

I think, this about sums up the whole thread. Hard example is this: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_warlog.php?id=4536295

CAVE DEMONS: 68, FSP: 0.42 results to CAVE DEMONS: 85;
CAVE DEMONS: 85, FSP: 0.33 results to CAVE DEMONS: 101;

Assumed formula is accurate to a few decimal places.
Possible reason for this might be to prevent people from farming FSP by sharing easy hunts. I think we can still work around this using additional characters. Like say Alice has a multi Carol, Bob has a multi Dave. Alice uses Carol to boost Bob by exclusively sharing her hunts to him and Bob uses Dave to boost Alice by the same method. I guess we can expect the admins to prohibit additional characters from asking for help in the future...
well then, thanks for all the help guys
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