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Congrats to all Angels & Demons Members - For A Server Record To Be Proud Of


AuthorCongrats to all Angels & Demons Members - For A Server Record To Be Proud Of
1. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all the A&D members who contributed in the construction of our clan buildings.

In the process, A&D broke the server record for the most members contributing to a single building.

A total of 209 members contributed to our 3rd building -

- https://www.lordswm.com/clan_build_log.php?cl_id=7705&b_id=158

No other clan came close, outnumbering even top clans like Titans and ykpaNHa, the top 2 clans on the server.

To have 80-90% of a clan's members contributing to a clan cause is an achievement by itself. To achieve it within 5 days is simply remarkable.

I believe no other clan will ever achieve the feat of 209 members contributing and completing a building within 5 days.

We are not a clan of professional full-time warriors like Titans [I respect their sheer single-mindedness in fighting non-stop] etc.

We are not a clan supported by a few wealthy 'Bill Gates' like #7777 [I admire at the lightning speed it took for them to reach the top rankings] etc, who can bankrolled everything for their other members.

We are just a ragtag merry band of ordinary lords and ladies who came together from all corners of the Empire and developed a common cause, chemistry, and bond.

Individual achievements are attainable if one puts in enough time, effort and gold. But a collective effort from 200+ members coming together to achieve a common goal is what makes this so special and I'm so very proud to be a part of it.

Our strength lies not in our individual wealth, warring prowess nor the swords and bows on our backs. But rather, it is our unity and 'One for all, all for one' spirit that made this record possible.

2. Since I don't wanna create another topic, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all A&D members who participated in the recent Portal of Time event.

We finished in a very respectable position and probably took many of the top clans by surprise - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2077313

I also wanna thank all members who sacrificed individual glory and ranking and played for the clan instead, so that all members had no difficulty filling their vanguards and going into battles fast during all hours of the day.

3. Special mention also goes out to our 'youngest' member, KOF Z -

Because of his low level and difficulty in joining a team, he was told to fight non-clan battles if clan battles are not available and he did us all proud by finishing in the Top 50 ranking. Well done. :)

4. Special mention also goes out to the other English-speaking clans for their various achievements. It's up to us to keep the .com flag flying high and proud in a strange land most of us are still getting used to. :)

* This topic is made as a gesture of thanks and appreciation and serves as a legacy and tribute to all A&D members who made the above achievement possible. It's not meant to be a place for flaming nor to discuss which is the 'best' clan.
Wow big gratz to our clan. I am really proud to be its member:)
Congratulations !!
Proud To be Be a part of this clan :) Graatz To AnD ‼
No one man make an army . Gratz to all mates for setting up a great record :)
good job, grats
A&D is the greatest ;D!
yippee !!!
Grats, you're doing great!
Gratz ... Proud to be a member
Well down mates!
Gratzz to all members of A&D proud to be a member of the clan ;0
Congrats too all of us! :)
congratz, i know it is say but i wish i was higher lvl so i could give more than i think 20-25 resourses.I know every little bit count but i feel not satisfied in the ammount i give as i have not much more to give at the moment.Still i am complete happy that so may gave and that we competed all so quick so big pack on the back to all yourself.
Big congrats to all of us :)
Congrats friends:)
Hearty congrats to all !!!! :)
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