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Congrats to all Angels & Demons Members - For A Server Record To Be Proud Of


AuthorCongrats to all Angels & Demons Members - For A Server Record To Be Proud Of
congrats all A&D for hard work for greater good :)
Very good job and thanks Jedi.. thanks a lot richer players and thank you all active players..
'One for all, all for one' spirit

And this is what makes a true clan :)

I love my clan, I won't say this achievement to be fantastic or fabulous, rather I would say it as:

good job everyone!
That is somethin A&D
A nice achievement for a nice clan !
Congrats and well done :)
Great job! congratz!
Gratz A&D!
Congreat all, I'm really proud to be in this clan :)
Nicely done. Congrats!
Congrats! Great to see you have so many active members :)
What a number! Congratulations :) Especially for your performance in the Portal event!
Nice job indeed, 14th place overall is an amazing achievement! Keep it up!
Good job, gratz !
Finally! I almost gave up hope you would ever reach it, but you picked up speed in the end. Huge congrats.

First of COM clans.
Second of English speaking clans.
Somewhere around 20ish of all clans.
209 contributors.
No "cheating" by using clan funds.

Gratz A&D!
Gratz mates, I am proud in be a member of this clan :)
Hooray for the .com MCs (all of them)


And to AnD, much love.

Player banned by moderator Elrond until 2013-09-15 19:44:27 // F.R. 2.3. Capitalization abuse.
Grats mates )

and So much gratitude for the richer players to make this possible by their extravagant contributions.
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