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A call to all writers!


AuthorA call to all writers!
I was just surfing through the forums and the clans and i am genuinely surprised to see NO writing guild which is active and functioning. The skunders scourge too is dying with the inactivity of the great skunder.

By now you would have understood that what comes next is something close to creating a new writing clan? True but not completely. I propose that we writers, take up the cause of making the creative works forum more lively as it is slowly dying away and has been keeping, uneasily silent! I say that we create a writers guild, where all writers no matter how good or bad can write and share their ideas here, in this creative works forum. We shall name it "The Lords with the quill." The stories can be incomplete or complete and the other buzzing writers can pass by to drop their suggestions to help young writers who want to enhance their talent.
The stories should be related to this game ofcourse in whatever way big or small.

All those who want to help me in my cause can please enroll here with a short description on the type of writing they do. This is because one of my other long term goal is to create a good long story toghether with all the writers which can serve as the games biography. Yes, the GAMES BIOGRAPHY! With the qualities of many minds we can toghether create something that can impress the admins.

So just put in your names here, give a short description of your writing style and strengths, and join in, in this journey, to become the Poets and Authors, of this game.

Yours sincerely,
Founder of "The Lords with the quill"
A special invite to lucid naz for his comic writing.
to dr damage

more invites to come...
Well, thanks for the invite :)

So, let me be the first :D

I have seen lord rendingblade pull up some great factions, he could help us in some creatures for our book. Wud u sir?
count me in , I usually do mellow, sarcastic, philosophical pieces
Hmm nice igles.

Ok so i think we just need 5 to kick off so awaiting 2 more responses
I invite devin.
I write in English
I like to write science fiction gore stuff
My style is weird , and i like to live in a world much like that of the game . I would love to be a part of this .
Hmm .... ousted. We'll I'll never shoot down a writing clan , best of luck. =
@7 , i just saw this thread , nice idea , well dude are you sure? my pieces and me are kinda worthless..:D 9 they won't even sell for 1 cent :DIm not even a writer lol :D but still ty for invite .. ill join you guys :D
Thank you for the recent activity. now that i have bitmore time for lords, i think its time we begin our first meeting.

Founder- K5
Comic scene Head- Lucid Naz
Mystery head - Igles
Science Fiction Head- The-Chosen1
General Writer - Devin 2011

@Skunder - I am sorry if this offends you but that was the general idea i was getting and i only propose this clan to assist the Royal Scourge.

Devin- You arenot that random, Your worthless pieces are quite cool and interesting
Ok so i think we will make a script on cheating in this game and portray to the society, how, cheaters will be punished in this game. Lets start with a strong message

alas, the writers "guild" has collapsed even before anything begun, farewell Lord with the handcuffs
wow if that isn't irony incarnate. He his script idea and the results of his own actions.

I wonder...is that the strong message he wanted to send?

Maybe one of us "writers" can pick up in his stead and take over. Hmmmm...just a random name comes to mind like ohh, I don't know...Skunder :P or Dionysus ;) or Igles or Chosen1 or Devin...basically anyone but me hehe =)
request from kushagra5,
his old account is blocked, so created new one.
and it is 'K5isback'. https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=5570535

he will mail and post here once he reach level 3...

thanks :)
Sorry guys for this huge delay in the project. Its time we get more serious...

Ok, so first of all, all those who i had selected on the team lets just answer this roll-call type of thing. Keep reading this thread. Ill find a way for us to communicate more easily. Maybe some online chat room.

the team is this so far...
Founder- K5isback
Comic scene Head- Lucid Naz
Mystery head - Igles
Science Fiction Head- The-Chosen1
General Writer - Devin 2011

I think we still need more people so join in those who think its needed
I will try to translate some of my creative writing to English and support the project.
Thats great Worf.

Would love to have another member to our team.
Actually, I am working on special project - a LWM poetry contest. Details will be announced as soon as the rules will be ready and approved by Administration.
Uhh, is this the truth or u hope that u will get the chance?
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