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Hashisfun- The God of Quick Tourney, Won all 27 Medals !!!

AuthorHashisfun- The God of Quick Tourney, Won all 27 Medals !!!
The God of Quick Tourney won all 27 QT Medals with 9 factions !!!
Great achievement :)

i think that emoticon is not weird enough to make a proper expression for this.
shut the front door well done mate wat an achievment..
Didn't he had all of them awhile ago? I remember some weeks ago when he achieved 100 medals in total :o
Anyhow, gratz anyhow you beast :).
No one stands a chance..;)
wow, that's awesome, congrats :)
congrats :)
wow, that's awesome, congrats :)
awesome!! gratz:D
there is a quote for you in facebook - " i don't have a picture to show reaction for this O.O "

Anyhow , gratz!
gratz hash, srry I took some away but You are really hard worker in QT =)
I.. ehh..

What a.. umm..

Sim.. ermm..

Ok, I give up. Words fail me.

Awesome. Unbelievable. Mind-boggling even !

You are certainly in an elite club among elite clubs. A rare breed. :)

Humongous Gratz, bud ! :)
Congratz, just having a full castle in all 9 faction is an hard feat. Winning QT with them as well is just incredible
i feel like Jedi this time,no words :-)

well done indeed :)
Wow ! Thats simply amazing ! Great ! Congratulations ! :O
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