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[Leasing] [Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted]

Author[Leasing] [Shop and other Artifacts - un-enchanted]
Renting items: (gold per battle and per day --- rates revised)

*Head Gear*
Steel Helmet[E2F2]: 100 (Modifications: Earth magic shield 4% Fire magic shield 4%)
Steel Helmet: 75
Wizard Helmet: 95
Heavy mithril coif: 130

Platemail: 180
Wizard Attire: 130

Sword of might [E3]: 200
Mithril longsword: 325
Defender rapier: 500
Assailant`s poleaxe: 1500
Hell reaper`s scythe: 1750
Master hunter cutlass: 120
Master hunter dagger: 120

*Foot Gears*
Steel boots: 120
Heavy mithril boots: 170
Master Hunter boots: 150

tower shield: 200
Master Hunter Shield: 150

Ring of abdication: 190
(2) Prophet ring: 190 each
(2) Signet-ring of might: 240 each

Cape of magical power: 190

Warrior pendant: 230
Amulet of luck: 50
added to list:

Ruby gladius: 360
Sword of courage: 155

Hawk lord bulwark: 140

(2) Ring of thorns: 135 each

~*~Head Gear~*~
Steel Helmet[E2F2]: 70 Gold Per piece
Steel Helmet: 70 Gold Per piece
Wizard Helmet: 90 Gold Per piece
Heavy mithril coif: 125 Gold Per piece

Platemail: 170 Gold Per piece
Wizard Attire: 120 Gold Per piece
Mithril mail armour: 85 Gold Per piece

Sword of might [E3]: 170 Gold Per piece
Mithril longsword: 320 Gold Per piece
Ruby gladius: 320 Gold Per piece
Defender rapier: 650 Gold Per piece
Assailant`s poleaxe: 1500 Gold Per piece
Hell reaper`s scythe: 1850 Gold Per piece
Master hunter dagger: 160 Gold Per piece
Sword of courage: 150 Gold Per piece

~*~Foot Gears~*~
Steel boots: 115 Gold Per piece
Heavy mithril boots: 160 Gold Per piece

tower shield: 185 Gold Per piece
Hawk lord bulwark: 130 Gold Per piece

Ring of abdication: 180 Gold Per piece
(2) Prophet ring: 180 Gold Per piece
(2) Signet-ring of might: 230 Gold Per piece
(2) Ring of thorns: 130 Gold Per piece

Cape of magical power: 180 Gold Per piece

Warrior pendant: 200 Gold Per piece
Amulet of luck: 50 Gold Per piece
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