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Ukraine in Europe


AuthorUkraine in Europe
Please write who want ukraine joined in EU and why)
why does Ukraine wants to go tu EU?
if Ukraine will join EU most of young ukrainian people will left Ukraine becouse of higher wages in UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway... In Ukraine will stay only elder people and it would hudge demografia in that countey...
On the other hand, it grants young people of Ukraine (especially the more talented ones) new opportunities and possible career growth. Also, joining EU means imposed control over country budget. Less thievery and banditizm for sure.
In my opinion, EU is a bad choice, still its the only choice, when politics are bad.
Poland joined EU some time ago, our politics are very bad, but soon most of EU can buy properties without any problems, most of EU are earning more than twice than in poland, so in long way we lost our independence...
Sure there are many positives, when its bad, then always change is better than nothing.

sorry for my english
for dziadu:
the same situation in Lituania. we lost about 30% of population, all prices increacing very fast while wages almost doesn increase. coruption between politicians are very obviuos and nobody can do anytning. hudge inflation. i don see any positive thing of being member of EU. except happy about my family and most of my friens and classmates who lives pretty well in UK :)
whow just wathed news and saw riots in Ukraine where musara beats people.
If Ukraine were my country, I wouldn't want it in EU :).

I think EU does more bad than good to a country.
if i could choose, i would choose independent of the country, still closer for me is to russian union than EU. Why? cause everybody who knows history a bit, know all east from poland to russia, know that we are very similar

our country is killing everything we got, EU is giving for roads for many things. But why? does anybody giving so much for free? nope, they doing good roads and more just to have better place for people buying our properties and lands...im thinking very much about running from EU, cause poland its not my country anymore, its EU...
and the important thing, EU is giving us donations but, we need to have half (less or more) of full cost, taken from where? from banks at x%

i read some books about economics, with history and more
world monetary system is living about 40 years, and then collapse, our monetary system got more then 40, and we see what is happening in usa and other countries like greece, portugal, ireland, italy and some others, poland too
the real crisis is closer than we think and it will be the hardest crisis of all time, cause of globalisation
for dziadu:
99% agree.
when I read your post about Poland and roads i remember my Eurotrip:) Poland need to make roads. such a big country in a middle of Europe without good roads
It doesn't matter if Ukraine joins EU or not. If Ukraine does then surely it will be turned into a Capitalist economy but if it doesn't then it will remain a socialist economy.
Both Capitalists and Socialists are doing equally poor at handling recessions and inflation. The whole world needs innovative techniques to come out of this issue.

However as far as law is concerned a 'common man' is surely going to benefit if it joins EU because of much strict legislation and jurisdiction.
But wages and salaries won't just shoot up if Ukraine joins EU 'cause price of commodities and specially oil will suffer a steep increase in price and their demand is highly inelastic...
I do.
I thnik it better for Poland, and our brothers Ukrainians (despite bloody past - brothers, yes!), and freedom thinkng Russians also (cousins, I'd say ;).
Let's change this ... Europe together, it gets rotten too much, it gets alien (you know, what I mean ;)) to us.
This Europe has too much stupid laws, too much clerks and so on. The borders between countries has vanished (great thing this Schengen pact) - but, here they come!, more borders in everyday live - this is, what we should change (Poles, after changing government, will need a help from the Ukrainians in this, and I am sure, we will find).
Despite all that is bed in it, let us not put away the UE, let us make it change for better.
Slava Ukrainu!
Things are going bad in Ukraine. The Ukrainians wanted freedom and wanted to get rid of corrupted and Kremlin influenced politicians.
The Ukrainians have already payed the price of blood. Already, more than a 100 people were killed. What is going to happen later on?
I am a Pole. I know what freedom means and how much it sometimes costs, only too well.
I know a threat to the freedom that comes from Kremlin. Wise Russians know that too.
Today I am whole-heartedly with Ukraine. Like some day I may will be with Russia.

Though I was not a frequent player, I bid farewell to this game. At least for now.
This conflict is rather sad. At the moment I am not rooting for either of the sides, cause, frankly, neither Russian government nor new Ukrainian government seem adequate enough. I just hope the conflict ends as soon as possible. It's very sad that over 100 people died because of politicians and their games.
I think that the Ukrainian people should be able to decide for themselves what they want to do. They have fought for their sovereignty and are a proud and nationalistic people.

Whether they choose to be close to Europe or Russia or both is not the issue at the moment. The issue is that they should be supported in deciding for themselves and not bullied or blackmailed into a particular choice by "outsiders" who are not looking for what is best for the Ukraine people but what is best for themselves (from all sides)..
Skafid, DEATHisNEAR,
The thing is that even not Kremlin influenced politicioans such as Timochenko and Yuchenko who were clearly White House influenced politicians were corrupted. Not a single one of Ukranian politician was not corrupted = the people of Ukraine can not choose appropriate leaders for their country on their own for more than 20 years. Even the previos maidan which was ten years ago and throw out russian's control on ukranians politicians didn't change anything in a positive way.

Russia's government is more than adequate in a light of recent events. We sought opportunity to seize control and we cought it in our hands. Nazis in the new not-legitimate ukranian government are the serios threat and Russia will provide protection for all those who will ask for it.. Since legitimate ukranian president asked for our help himself and we will make it in our own way.
Player banned by moderator MrBattleControl until 2014-03-17 08:45:32 // FR 1.7//Add. characters aren't allowed to post in main forums;
M8, I partially agree, but at the same time, according to pre-Maidan plebiscite, only 6% of the participants said they support fascist "Svoboda" party (with Tyagnibok as a leader) and other radical movements.

I am half-Jewish myself. Regarding the sad past of our people (Holocaust) you can imagine the depth for my hatred for Nazism. So, of course, people like Tyagnibok deeply concern me. However, the majority of new Ukrainian government aren't fascists or nazists, there are legitimate politicians as well. So let's hope they will prevail. In any case, any external interference into sovereign country's matters is not acceptable according to U.N. charters.
the people of Ukraine can not choose appropriate leaders for their country on their own for more than 20 years.

Quite probably mainly true so let the UN step in and organise fair and non-corrupt elections (with the usual mix of international observers), this is one of the things they alreadt do.

It seems hard for me to understand how another country imposing rule in Ukraine can be justified by the argument that they can not choose their own rulers.

Maybe it is because I am Scottish and we are finally getting the chance to vote for independence from the UK this September but I feel that the only people who should decide who rules Ukraine are the Ukrainians. Imagine the outcry if Scotland becomes independent once more and a few years down the line another country invades and says it is because they don't like who we chose to run our country or don't think they are ruling it well?

It is Ukrain's choice to make.
Well, that's politics... I'm from south america, here we know a lot of this conflicts... Dictators with the support of US with the Condor plan, controlled most of the countries in the 70's... That was the plan to fight against the URSS influence and the comunism in this part of the world...

Many people died and was tortured in that time... And i hope that we never get again such influence of the occidental nor oriental powers...
It's no easy that a population got really independant... Is worse whith the politicans...

All i want to say really is that i hope peace comes soon, and i wish the best for all the Ukranian people... EU and Russia are empires, and they act like that... So the small countries and the people are the real harmed...

Sorry for the bad english...
EU and Russia are empires, and they act like that...
Regardless if you are for or against the EU, I can't agree that EU is an empire. They are not unified enough to be considered as such. Also I cannot remember EU acting an manner where I would regard them as such.

Please write who want ukraine joined in EU and why)
In principle if Ukraine lives up to the requirement and wants to join EU then they should be allowed. I personally think that EU is to divided and struggle with to many internal problems to accept any new members atm.

I like the idea of EU, I know many condemn it. But we need cooperation and home-genetic rules to attract investments from the private sector. Many oppose it, especially the people it self and the tabloid newspapers. It is funny how every country in EU think they have gotten the short end off all the members. But the day to stand alone has passed, we live in an global economy and we need more similar rules across the boarders.


I am also strongly opposed to countries crossing others boarders and breaching their sovereignty. Last time we saw that was 2nd world war and just after where Europe was split in two.

Ukraine belongs to Ukraine, very simple. A nation wide vote with UN observes should be planned and foreign nations should stop trying to gain national popularity by breaking international law.
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