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New Faction : Bishop


AuthorNew Faction : Bishop
my inspiration for next faction. And i hope i can draw the troops next :D
Hi, How are you?
I just come back from long time :)

How about this Bishop Faction :D
Welcome back! I saw this thread was revived again but I recognized it being from 2014 somehow. We have had a single new faction since about Pharaohs. That's about it.
To me, it could be good knight alt faction. I would just replace dragons with more knight-like units. Instead of baby dragon, maybe baby griff rider etc.
hi, its about 8 year :)
i miss everything about this game
hope they can make this bishop as a new faction :)
Wow this is so creative, good job!
hope they can make this bishop as a new faction I really hope, but I doubt theyll do that
Truly, I admire people like Yopi. It's so good to read creative works like this.
Really impressive stuff! You have a sharp mind my friend.
for Happy_orc:
admins didnt do it, bad move. could have been a gold mine for them, but I expect nothing
Hi, This Alt faction "Snow Bishop" will post soon :D
Interesting faction, good topic. This game need more factions, fast leveling and less Pay to Win! :)
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