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God and Religion


AuthorGod and Religion
There are only people
its a bloody conspiracy man , aliens have long taken over our planets and they have put us all in virtual reality pods man, dont believe anything anyone says to you , thats the aliens talking
For me,people are free to believe wherever they want,i am an atheist and the main reason is because most religions apply racism towards others.As i fail to understand how a religion advertising pure love and peace,spills an abundance of blood for the name of it,i will remain an atheist
.. and who do you think caused the big bang?
Why who? Shouldn't the question be "What caused the Big Bang?".

Asking "Who" shows a bias towards a particular answer.

"What" essentially includes the "Who" question without restricting it in the same way.

I don't know what caused the Big Bang. And I don't think anyone else really knows either.

anyone else erm, don't you mean anything else otherwise you are restricting your answer to people? lol
God created all, he made the big bang theory happen. I mean you can go back and ask the question "what caused this?" and "what caused that?" but sooner or later there is no answer other than God. who said He is in the sky? God is Omni-present(everywhere).

for The-Chosen1: you say science disproves this? check your facts again. many of His works ARE proved by science. Jesus rose from his tomb: they have found his tomb, his body? not there. Noah's arc: its been found.

im not saying im right and everyone else is wrong, im not ignorant. this is just my belief, this is what I believe to be true.
Until we get our first artificial intelligence, in my experience, most "things" that would claim to know about information like this are people.

Can you suggest something/someone else that claims to know such things?

Unfortunately not, the only one who could answer this blew himself (or itself) up at the start of the universe. But all evidence supports God being Scottish.
Noah's arc: its been found. Yeah, apparently it's been found dozens and dozens of times now. Yet there seems to be no useful evidence that it has been found.


Jesus rose from his tomb: they have found his tomb, his body? not there. S o the only conclusion is that he was resurrected? Firstly, don't you think that Jesus' tomb (or at least the knowledge of it's location) would have been preserved by his followers? Especially if it's such compelling "proof" of his existence or divinity. Of course, even if it did exist, a missing body could simply indicate that fanatic followers removed it to "prove" the resurrection. Another favorite of mine is that the lack of a corpse is simply an acknowledgement of the fact that jesus didn't exist in the first place.

It always amuses me that so many different religions claim that they have absolute proof of their particular deity. Just on observation of this fact makes it seem highly unlikely that any particular god claim would seem unlikely. Obviously not all can be correct, but certainly all of them could be wrong. And if any one of them actually had compelling evidence then surely there would be no other religions.

Have FUn

for Grunge: religion is based on beliefs and faith in those belief, not in fact. thus people have faith in their "gods". if it was fact it would just be acknowledgment. and those are all supposed claims to have found the Ark. however the real deal is of precise dimensions and build. actual description of which is found in the Bible. and the tomb being empty? you cant say he never existed, there has been proof of his existence in science and history both. and if there is no God, explain how the Bible was written thousands of years before Christ's birth? explain how 95% of the Bible is accurate according to history? and how is says in the bible "and He rose from the grave"?

what I wish everyone to do is go do a little research. look at comparisons between history according to the Bible, and history according to science. you may draw your own conclusions, as that will be your belief.
religion is based on beliefs and faith in those belief, not in fact.

What more needs to be said?

you cant say he never existed, there has been proof of his existence in science and history both.

And if you actually look into the claims regarding this proof you will find that most are either fabrication or simple assertion. Religion, historically, has been given a pass wither because it was in charge at the time or no-one chose to question the assertions made about it.

explain how the Bible was written thousands of years before Christ's birth?

The bible wasn't written thousands of years before christ's birth. The old testament was written down possibly only hundreds of years BC, although the oral traditions had existed much earlier. Obviously the new testament was written after the alleged event. New testament writings are not generally dated before around 60 to 70 AD for the earliest versions. Many parts are acknowledged "additions" that weren't in the earliest versions. Then there are the writings that were excluded from the Bible.

There are things you should probably read about like -


Christianity and the bible really aren't as solid a basis as you would like to imagine.

Have Fun

Something is this world exists that is a greater force than our individual selves.

We exist as vastly and diverse like blood cells in a human body. Somewhat conscious of others but mostly ourselves while oblivious to the greater entity we exist in, Earth.

Not one of us knows for certain what reality is as it (reality) is an ever "evolving" matter... we just grasp at straws to try and define it and our existence.

Our journey into this world we are given what currently defines us, then we raise questions which changes our reality and die in search of the answers.

Meanwhile lets all play some Lords of War and Money and drink a beer! Salute :)
I'm an atheist :)

What Caused the big bang? Big bang is just a theory which means that it is not yet proved , there are many theories about the conspiracies of the universe and Our latest finding is going to be a revolutionary one in the Question of what created this universe ..( God particle/ Higgs boson ) Many believe that the big bang was caused due to the increase in heat due to particle collision inside the Rocky Material.. Which then burst to form the universe.. Many believe that when the big bang happened.. Time and space was divided into two parts :)

There is nothing that cannot be explained by science and mathematics , it is just that we still did not discover it :) Thats whats up with ghosts.. it has its scientific explanations But is yet to be discovered and the same is with god. Still if you believe god you believe in him! because you have your way of thinking.. I don't want to hurt other's feeling by saying there's no god .. instead i say God is not discovered yet!

. There can be no cause and effect unless there is time.
. The universe has a cause.
. Therefore the universe has a beginning in time.
. The universe cannot have a beginning in its own time dimension.
. Therefore the universe has a beginning in a time dimension independent of and preexistent to its own time dimension.

So i try to therefore prove that there were parallel universes That created time in this universe and made us evolve :)
I forgot to conclude my post.. Science is a sea.. and we are one a paper boat to find out whats ahead of us.. we will never Discover even 20% of the secrets of the universe :)So we have all rights to assume.. but never assume something that is just too hypocritical !
sorry i wrote hypocritical :P sleepy me :p * HYPOTHETICAL *
I dont feel no offence to any religion. I am a Cristian becouse my parents decided so. My boss is Muslim.
I tink everybody has a right to choose his belief. I chose to believe in Flying Spagetti Monster. It gives most accurate explanations about everything. No offente but it my opinion
Indeed. There are many names for gods and many religions. It comes down to personal beliefs and faith and who am I to judge others.

The Bible, and I assume other religious tomes, have many things which science can prove can not be true but then they were written down by people who can make mistakes or misunderstand things.

Also there are many things science cannot understand. Human brain runs on electricity yet once it stops, adding new electricity does not bring the person back.

I don't have much time for the mainstream religions. They are run by people who know no more about god than I can discover for myself. Often it seems a method of mass population control or as an excuse for violence or persecution.

Personally I don't know if there is anything after death but I do know what I think right and wrong and live life by my own personal code of honour. People can take many things from me in this life but they can never take my honour!

Whatever your beliefs please respect others opinions even if they differ from your own.
Whatever your beliefs please respect others opinions even if they differ from your own.
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