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unholy raise dead calc

Authorunholy raise dead calc
has anyone made a calculator to help understand how much effect the raise dead spell with have for an unholy necro. It would have to be dependent on faction lvl, what talents are chosen and spell power. Im curious how much I would have to boost my spell power to make up for not taking dominion of undeath? I want to be able to raise nearly a full stack of vamps.

1 - Look the basic formule of raise dead spell.

2 - Calcule the base raise dead spell effect and add your SP on it.
In your case would be 180 power. (no nature school + 4 SP)

3 - (This part I'm not sure), then add 10%*FSL you've on final value.
Since you've fsl 9, that would be 342 final raising power.
Which leads to 6 - 7 vampires.

More about your racial you find here: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38

Without nature school and at your level, it would be pretty much impossible to achieve your goal, unless you buy a venomancer set or something.
Doesn't worth to purchase magic stuff to increase your SP.

If you really want to raise more vamps, then take nature talents or buy a venomancer set.
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