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Messed up exp?


AuthorMessed up exp?
https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=6507619 this guys exp is weird why is it like that?
ohh like me?

one does not level up from experience gain from tournament, he will level up if he do hunt,mg
Oh right i see, thanks
sorry for steal the topic.
Where does his gold fly away?

I mean LG 6 player (level 3), No transfer, No roulette, no card
buy and discard equipment? lol
that's the only thing i can think off
should create a new topic: Messed up gold
Where does his gold fly away?

Enrolling at 0.1*wage doesn't get you huge piles of gold. ;)
She got LG 6 just for extra defenses not for gold.

"What about gold from donations?"
Chest of abundances. Her log is full of transactions dealing in resources. Where is she getting it from? Obviously she is too smart to buy and sell at a loss so therefore I conclude she is buying CoAs.

*puts tinfoil hat back in the pocket*
Her log is full of transactions dealing in resources. Where is she getting it from?
Enrolling at 0.1*wage doesn't get you huge piles of gold. ;)
she has been enrolling at 0.1 only for past two months. probably abt 700 hunts. her net worth should still have been over 500k, in which case, she probably bought 20-30 chests and the elements she got she sold and the arts she got she has stored. OR she bought lots of expensive arts from factories and stored them in her inventory, the elements she has she probably got them from chests she received by donating. i suppose the resources(wood and ore) have nothing to do with it.
She has only won 150 combats for 6000+ enrolls so mainly gets 0.1*wage
*sorry 3677 enrolls (no idea where I got 6000 from
she is insane :/
3677 enrolls at even 180 gold per enroll should be around 1.2 million(including varying increases in productivity per lg level)
who would waste 1.2 million just to win one or two MTs? her, who else? =.=
Hahaha exactly, even with the lower wage from the penalty it should be at least 400k+
her, who else? =.=

Totally. Everyone should follow one path, everyone should have the same strategy, right? Why try something new? :)
Not everyone follows money. Your viewpoint for this game is naive.
Haha you should read peoples posts properly :) not once did he say she should follow money? Hes just stating that she has somehow managed to get rid of nearly a million gold but has nothing to show for it :))
She would have got nowhere close to a million and how do you know she has nothing? She may have an inventory full of expensive arts, or ...
posted too soon or ... maybe she is stockpiling diamonds??

Main reason for donations is only and only to get CoAs. She is donating to get free fsp not rare arts. I have talked to some players like her. Their strategy is to get as much fsp and LG as they can. Its not about the gold or arts, its about winning PvP.
What does CoAs stand for
I did not mention donating. In fact there is no way we can tell if she has ever donated and it is entirely irrelevant to this.
for MarineBiologist:

You make a good point about everything following same path and that there are various ways to achieve objectives. Then you spoil it by assuming thar she would need to donate to get diamonds (and CoA : Chests of Abundance for Charlie).

So to make things clearer.

I have personally spent ~650,000g buy diamonds from the facility on the map

You don't need to donate to get CoA as you can also use gold (which perhaps she did)

She may also have bought Abu Bakers Charm (which would help with fsp) or hunter licences or many other things which would not show in transfer logs.

My main point throughout is that anything we guess at is just that, a guess. She follows her own path and someone if they wishec could spend millions of gold with "nothing to show for it", at least to others anyway.
She would have got nowhere close to a million
right now she has 3681 enrolls. and lets say her avg wage per enroll is 180 gold.
here is how to calculate how much gold she would have had without work penalty.
= 890784
so she could have gotten about 891k just from enrolls at a 180 gold wage average. if you include her diamond donations, and maybe a little higher average wage, it could easily be over a million.
so nowhere close to a million is a big, big underestimation.
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