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Hunt Records

AuthorHunt Records
I have just fought 22 harpies and lost, i looked in the hunt records and a level 2 necro has never beat any harpies, does this mean if i keep passing by all hunts until i get to harpies, and then beat them this time, i will gain a hunt record trophy?
How many would i have to pass by before i get harpies again?
Its random
it's not completely random, each time you go up in hunter guild, you unlock new monsters to hunt, so until HG 6 (double hunt) it get harder and harder to target a specific monster. But still if you're lucky, you may fight the same monster a lot ^^
Thanks for the info, also what is the best hunt set up of items possible at level 2
eveything you can equip of the hunter set. master hunter is combat lv 5+, great hunter is 8+ and beastbane is 10+, you can randomly get them during hunt if your hunter guild level is high enough
I won the harpies :D can someone tell me when the trophy will show in my profile?
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