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hunting is so hard that i have to pass by 5 times in a row
why is it always red even though i am low level
you do know we can see your battle log you are doing btls between 10-15 minutes so i hardly doubt that passin 5 times a row is actually happening
many hunts in low lv's are red but not all of them are really hard...
cos ppl lv up very fast during low lv's and they don't have time to let the hunts mature until really tough numbers...
you do know that passing makes me wait 2.5 minutes right?
and by the way i dont experience this last time (i'm an old player)
does that mean that the the ai not only gets stronger but the hunts are also getting harder to make it hard?
You're just unlucky, you should be able to win many hunts at your level. Also, while leveling your HG, you unlock more hunt creatures.
I see....
1 last question before closing this thread,
how many .com players are actually there in this 5-6k online players there
(i've made the assumption that those 5-6k players are .com and .ru both)
ratio used to be around 1:10

No idea what it is now
the difficulty color is based on the hunt record

there was a hunt record reset several months ago, making a lot of records have a significantly lower amount which can cause a lot of the hunts being marked as difficult even though they aren't really difficult

i guess this could happen especially at level 2, where very little amount of people are able to do a lot of hunts before they level up, making it hard to try making higher records
ok thanks guys
closed by AngelSalvation (2015-10-09 09:11:08)
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