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World cup

AuthorWorld cup
Been an excellent tournament so far. Some great performances by some of the smaller nations.

Gotta feel sorry for England, it is like the are having a massive party in there house but were not invited themselves.

Scotland should have a good win over Australia but Wales will have a hard time v's South Africa with their injuries but could be a very close game.

Japan and Georgia had great tournaments though. Pity some of the smaller or newer to Rugby nations don't have full time teams as it is very hard for someone with a full time other job to find enough time to practice and work on fitness though some of the do play in other countries leagues.

What do you think the highes of the contest have been so far?
Japan have been the highlight through and through. Not too upset to see England go out though ;)

I'm a little concerned about the Aussies, they seem to be the form team right now. I understand that the Scots beat them last time they played, but they seem to have improved vastly and are looking good.

Aussie over Scotland
SA over Wales
NZ over France
Ireland over Argentina

Worst thing would be if France were to beat us in the quarters this year, but I am hoping it doesnt happen. Although I think Ireland will beat Argentina, (I initially had them down as winning the tournament), I hope that Argentina can upset and we have 4 southern-hemisphere teams in the semis ;)
well, i'm from Uruguay and we lost every match! :p

but now i'm with Argentina!! :D

good luck to everyone and hope that the best team wins!
I would say:

Scotland to beat Australia
Wales v Sth Africa to close to call
New Zealand to beat France (they are off-form atm)
Ireland to beat Argentina

Could be a surprise from France if they feel they have something to prove. Also whoever wins in Wales v SA will most likely have taken a real pounding which will help whoever plays the winner next.

That said this is one of the closest final stages for quite a while and it is not certain. Absolutely all the teams in the final 8 could win it this year with just a little luck on the day and avoiding injuries.
Agree it's an excellent World Cup so far. Refereeing is top quality, and we've had some pleasant surprises.
My highlights :
- NZ vs Arg : Argentina played one of the best rugbies ever... and still lost to an even better NZ !
- Australia - England : England getting trashed that way is always delightful :o)
(and more seriously, Australia were amazing that evening)
- Japan upsetting the Springboks ! Well done Japan, who by the way are out now despite having won 3 / 4 matches !
- overall, the teams display so much passion and give it all they have on the field. A real pleasure to see such fierce battles.

My take for the Quarterfinals :
- Scotland will get demolished
- South Africa will dispose of Wales : amazing how the Welsh manage to fight so much with half their team off injured, but the Boks are merciless butchers.
- Argentina will get rid of an uninspired Ireland
- NZ will finally put an end to 4 years of French utter misery and lack of rugby.
So yes : only Southerners in semis this time. :o)
So which one team do you rate to win this year!

I think it is Scotland's year!

Too hard to pick one. I really don't want to say it... But I think the Aussies are the form team. Based on their form right now, I would say they are the ones to win (although I really I am wrong haha).
Very good match so far, 1 point in it with 10 to play. Will be interesting to see if Wales can hold on, they are looking very tired!
20 minutes in and Scotland are ripping Australia apart. Winning 13:5 so far but they are all Australia.

Pity about Ireland and Wales though good games all them.
*all = all over
Half time Scotland still winning though 16:15 now.

Great game so far and a hard hitting second half to look forward to.
What a match! Australia retook lead in second half but after a hard fight clawed back the lead, 34:32.

Torrential rain making passing errors likely and 6 minutes remaining ...
* Scotland 34 : 32 Australia (meant to say)
What can I say. Australia got a penalty in last minute and won by 1 point against play.

Probably the best match of the competion (so far)!

My new prediction is South Africa to win now but, almost, every single team in the competition has played outstanding Rugby and can be proud of their performance.

The semi final and the finals are looking set to be unmissable battles.

Argentina v Australia
South Africa v New Zealand

next ???
derelict was right:
only Southerners in semis this time. :o)

Scotland so close and France so far away..
All four matches were highly watchable but I am now thinking Argentina could get up and win over Australia and am backing NZ to win over SA. Argentina were so passionate in their game, even if Ireland were strugging with injuries they played well. Bring on the semis!
Totally agreed with Corey.
Usually at this stage teams start locking the game down and we get much tighter scores with few tries. But this year, there's so much action to watch ! Backs and wingers really had a good time in all matches, much to my (our ?) pleasure.

Argentina - NZ in finals... which confirms my early feeling that when they met in the pool stage they were the best 2 teams around.
NZ FTW!! :D No bias ofc...
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