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Merc quest

AuthorMerc quest
so , this is the second time i've attempted a similar quest ,

both the times , the ranged attackers are so powerful , that what ever i do , i can not kill them , and the storm caller's storm and their range attacks always put me into problem.
I've not attempted the quest with my main faction , where i might b able to defeat them but with my alt factions simply can't defeat them.

Any hints for tackling storm callers ?
There's no way you could have won that battle, unless you improved your castle or artifacts. Just use your main faction for that quest. If you played it as demon, your cerberi could have killed the storm callers before they got a chance.
First be aware that your faction skill on barbarian is much lower than on demon, this means you have several points less attack, defense and initiative on your troops. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=10

You could try tough:

- Place your orcs at another position so cerberi can't reach you in first time. So you can shoot stormcallers.
- Try tactics talent, so your wolves can reach stormcallers in first turn.
Split orcs in 2 stacks, to kill gremilies, put them outside the cerberi range to not get blocked.
2 stacks of 1 goblins to block the titan. (starting at 1:2 and 1:8)
1 full stack of ogre at 2:1 alone, since cerberi walks only 8 houses he cannot reach the other side.
1 full stack of wolfs.
1 empty space for settle (building rocs is highly recommended, it's cheap too.)

Kill Cerberi 11 and 12 cerberi with wolfs and ogres, and 5 cerberi with a half stack of orcs, then start shooting the gremilies.

Advance with your goblins make sure they have range of titans to block them on next turn and avoid sphxs range to not K.O it.
Then block titans or take his retalation for wolfs and finish the game.
Keep stunning titans as you've been on this game.

Like I said above, one stack of rocs would drastically improve your odds of winning. Good luck.
By the way for this battle I would recommend some extra morale, from arts or talents. 3 total morale would do the trick.
well thnx :)
Try tactics talent, so your wolves can reach stormcallers in first turn
bad idea coz wolves has 6 speed

but I saw your wolves moves 2 times before stormcallers shoots. You need to reach them in second move and block them :)
1. No need to split 1 1 36 Orc. Two stacks of 19 19 Orc is enough. or Three.
2. Place Orcs in Non Cerberi Range.
3. First Turn of Ogre goes for Cerberi. First of 1 Stack Orc for Cerberi other for Gremlin. First of Wolfie for Cerberi but move enough to next hit Storm Caller.
4. Second Turn Ogre go for Fortune Genies, Orcs clear Gremlins, don't go for Sphynx. It is slow, you can hit with Wolfie later.

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