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The price of the product in Poland

AuthorThe price of the product in Poland
Can someone tell what the price of products in Poland such as apples, honey and Greek Orekhov?
few Greeks are here but i don't think any polish people playing here
I believe they are all from Poland. You can try asking them :-)
few Greeks are here but i don't think any polish people playing here

Except for the whole Polish Military Clan we had playing on .com ;)

And what is the price of walnut and honey in Europe?
19,09 PLN (~4,5 EUR) for 10 diamonds

i don't think any polish people playing here
There is more polish players than you think:) HoMM in Poland is really popular
And what is the price of walnut and honey in Europe?

Where in Europe? These prices are different everywhere ;).
Plus in the capitals everything is more expensive then in other cities.
In Belgium honey would be € 17,00 / kg.
Honey is a very bad choice are there are a multitude of types which vary greatly in price.

Even walnuts will be different prices depending where you buy them and in what quantity.

You should choose sometime of a particular brand and quantity.

You could try checking in an online supermarkets, e.g. www.tesco.co.uk should give you what you want for the UK.

Very good site. Helped me with living abroad.
I can confirm the prices for Poland are pretty well estimated.
You never heard of the "Big Mac index"? It places Poland slightly above average. Nothing extreme.
Honey (1 kg) 30-38 zl
Apples (1 kg) 1,5-3 zl
Prices much depend on what kind of honey or apple are we talking about and also who is selling of course.

@Poisno Ivy
Not too many Poles, but you'd be surpised since you don't think any play here. :)
I know quite a few Polish people who play here.

#11 : I am surprised you know Big MagDonald is Polish. I am also surprised, though now you mention it it is obvious, that he has his own index.
We have low price on our market :D
As they say in Poland : "Drink or drive... meeeh we have no car anyway"
As they say in France: "someone is attacking us, its better to surrender as quickly as possible"
Exactly. Costs less for the country this way... which is what the topic is about !

(I was *so* waiting for you on that topic, darling :o)
So you`re trying to get food supply from Poland since in Ukraine everything went up in prices?
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