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What is the % of "English speakers" playing this game?

AuthorWhat is the % of "English speakers" playing this game?
I ask since I see 1 every 10-15 GBs I enter in, no kidding.
I have the feeling many players (In general) just PvE and never ever PvP. And of course not saying its good or bad, but havent seen an english speaker in so long in a GB...

I ask because of this thread I made months ago: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2379779

I know the main question is hard to thinkj about, but maybe a 10% of the players? What do you think?

And thx in advance.
Ppl not playing PvP since russian hate english speaking and ruin games (often).
Finally, thanks for comfirming. Its not my just feeling then.
Pretty low I guess, most english speaking players are in AnD, EFL and EW. You can count them :P, add +100ish to that and that should be it.

I remember on .com there was max 1k players online if I remember corectly ?
I doubt that number has changed much now, or could be even lower..
could be even lower..
Definately lower, i am guessing 5% people since back then they had 21k players online
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