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Does phantom creature immune to goblin trap

AuthorDoes phantom creature immune to goblin trap
i created unicorn and the phantom landed right on the trap area ..The trap worked but it did not reduce the tile movespeed for the phantom


another magic? lol
I don't see anything wrong/strange there.
does phantom creature can run over the trap set by goblin?it says the trap success and - 1 speed..however the speed of the phantom unicorn remain same
Moro, There is a chance of reduction in movement base on different factors, in case the trap fails the trap setter loses all accumulated initiative. So troops need not get the movement penalty
but when the phantom summoned and stepped on the trap, it does say the trap works and reduce the phantom movement by 1..and i see nothing happened
It only reduces the MOVEMENT speed for that turn and not it's speed in its entirety. Meaning e.g you're advancing and use all 7 available speed available to unis and if unis step on the trap, for that turn you would move 6 and possibly unable to attack. It does not reduce the speed of a creature permanently.
What I think:
Traps only reduce movement WHILE a stack is MOVING and then steps on it. The phantom stepped on the trap when summoned, not by moving, so it trigerred the '- Movement' message but didnt reduce anything because it was not moving.
@6 i know...usually when it get reduced speed, it will at least - 1 in the speed picture right? at this moment nothing happened

@7 yes probably ..new tactic to encounter traps
For moro888:

Nothing happened because nothing was supposed to happen. Trap only affects the movement of any unit in case of success. Your summon was stationary over the trap; there wasn't any movement in that turn so no effect either.
Post 7 and 9 are correct.
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