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Has the spell Wasp swarm changed?

AuthorHas the spell Wasp swarm changed?
In this game my ladons only got two turns, then the wizard AI hero started throwing wasp swarm on it for 4 times in a row and it never got a turn ever again. It used to be that the spell wasp swarm would throw the unit all the way to the end of a full round, but for it to never get a turn again for 4 complete rounds? Note that the wizard AI hero has no sorcery talent to get faster turns. So now one can completely delete a units turn by throwing wasp swarm on it over and over again? Is this new?
Your ladons were delayed at that point, that might be the reason.
You could also "wasp out" nearly any stack with swarm and stunning blow. So nothing changed, I think.
It's odd then when a human hero uses wasp swarm on an AI unit that's gonna get it's turn 3 blocks away, it stays there since it is allready at the end of that round and gets its turn for that round. But when the AI does it it completely removes it from that round. The ATB is a full cycle, wasp swarm throws the unit max 0.6 ATB back in the full cycle, but to remove it entirely from the full cycle?
of course the ladons didn't get any turn, it has only 5.9 ini
hero has 10 ini

let take example of laps runners :
distance of full cycle 100 m

optimum case = if ladons get wasp-swarmed at 1 block before it get turn
ladons speed 5.9 m/s , start at 40 m point because knockbacked 60 m (0.6x100 m)
total time needed to reach finish = 10.169 s

hero speed 10 m/s , start at 0 m point
total time needed to reach finish = 10 s

TLDR : hero win the race to get turn
Yeah, what he says. :D
TLDR : hero win the race to get turn
r/bestofTLDR :p

Nice explanation though, kudos! :)
It wasn't about winning the race. There is still a full ATB cycle. What, he gets to do 4 full ATB cycles where I get to do none? If this is true then how come when a real player throws Wasp swarm that creature still gets a turn?
As I said: If you have a combination of wasp and delay or wasp and stun it's also possible for human players to let a creature not getting a turn anymore. That's nothing new and has nothing to do with AI or not.
It wasn't about winning the race.

Its all about winning "the race" !

Its the oldest game mechanic and has been there since forever, time to familirize yourself with it :P

Krabylos explained it really well ! There was a old topic where Artic explained initiative, but I cant find it :/
Found it:

It's pinned on top of this subforum:
sorry, 28 sec difference, didn't refresh =0=
I also find this discussion is a handy supplement to understanding the initiative / atb "race" concept.

Guys, thanks for all the insight.
So basically while everyone was running 4-6 laps, my ladons had no shoes and was tied up and glued on the starting block.
it has been done before by human heroes as well although max push back is 60% or 0.6 ini the rest 40% can be coped up with expert sorcery and some extra initiative to the hero depending on what is the creatures initiative, a while ago i had seen some necro use phantom vampire lord with this technique to permanently freeze a stack of devils
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=487843049 this is the battle i meant and this is the player :p
Wow, that battle took like half an hour just to watch it.
yeah guin has done many such wasp stuns... well many of the MC quests (boss) to her credit are with the old rules but nevertheless
Interesting battles, too bad she took a break when level 15 was still max level and hasn't been seen since.
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