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CoT cost

AuthorCoT cost
i don't know if this is a glitch or what , but i'm getting 2 monks for 11 CoT , 1 exocrist for 29 CoT , and 1 cleric for whooping 54 CoT. And no , i have not recruited any of them , these are costs for getting 1st ones...
what makes you think its a glitch? Its same for everyone.
I thought it was a glitch as last time the cost wasn't so high , and they are far far less powerful then spending 54 for 1 of them...
i guess they were used by too many Players in the last PoT,
so admins increrased their cost.-
All the buffers are expensive this time.. and Clerics can cast several buffs.
This is no bug, clerics cost 54 CoT last time as well.
they are overrated PoT troops ..so admin decided to price it high..whenever admin found out which unit is overrated and "OP"", they raise cot needed to recruit them
well , that's sad :(.
anyways , thanks.
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