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Text quest

AuthorText quest
I remember years ago before the merge there was this Text quest where you had a bunch of peoples and had to build a tower or something, and meanwhile monsters came to attack you, so that you had to divide the peoples in groups between guardians, people who build, etc.
It was lots of fun.

Does this quest still exist after the merge?

Thx in advance
Read from here all infomation about quest:D
Yeah cool... But arent there quests like those in english? So I can understand something.
Just use google translator :D
The text quest you are referring to is no longer available to us. Unfortunately, the only text and battle quests are available in Russian through the Russian interface. They are still completeable through the translator and some of them are a lot of fun. Although you will find that some of them are really awful to try and do through a translator :D

If I recall correctly we were told months and months that the first couple of English text-quests were translated, however we have not seen those implemented yet and I don't have high hopes that they will be implemented anytime soon!
Can someone tell me which one is the easiest one and how much time it takes to complete on average? I have absolutely no clue how to do them :/ Though the battle ones make sense...
It took me anywhere between 2-6 hours (some with breaks in-between) in the first run. I was also taking little notes for myself so I can get 100 score when repeating it so the actual time should be less.
This is the post where Arctic mentioned about possibility of translations:
That was in 2013.

The .ru text quest topic is here:
I lost track of them now, they listed 18, but that also includes battle quests.
If you attempt them, go to the relevant topic linked there and almost all answers should already be in there :)
I honestly think its a lack of respect that we dont have them translated to English yet...

Its like one of the only things appart from battles.
Well, we still haven't even gotten announcement of current event that's been going on for 5 days now. Getting events without announcements have been going on for years now. When there is no effort even being taken for that, then you can't expect any kind of effort being taken for English translated text quests.
Let's face it guys, we are like those unwanted customers in restaurants, where they'll seat you in the worse places and serve you as minimal as possible but still take your money.
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