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Beginner Elf looking for help!

AuthorBeginner Elf looking for help!
Hello I used to be a Barbarian and now I am thinking of trying the elf faction!

Can any of you pros give tips on how to be a decent elf player?
i.e Favoured enemy selections
Good items to equip
Atttributes to add
and any extra tips
All about Elves faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy:
Don't. Barbarian is better. Elf is only good for hunts. I've always regretted the decision of starting off as an Elf.

If you really want a counter change to Barbarian go for Knight / Dwarf / Tribal.
for AKA:
What are you talking about? At your time charmers weren't introduced but now elf is very decent in PvP because of charmers.

for RayXe:
Good choice ^^
At level 5 maybe you should try basic fortune... split your bows in PvP so they aren't killed in first turn, and equip max initiative arts :)
Elf is only good for hunts
every faction is good for play PvP. Depend just only how good you are. After introduce Charmer Elf there is so much option to play. In my opinion Elf is most complete and versatile faction in this game
Right now i am barbarian cause its OP as shit in Survival tournament.

Thanks all for the tips though! :)
Well for ST undoubtedly tribal is the best :)
Though to me its the worst xD The better the faction is at ST the longer and goring it gets to play ST with them.
What are you talking about? At your time charmers weren't introduced but now elf is very decent in PvP because of charmers.

eh , seriously ??

If i am gonna face an elf i will always pray that he be a charmer instead of the normal one. Those Elite forest keepers are "killers" in group combats. Maybe in 1vs1 charmer is better but for group battles elite forest keeper is the best multiple hit troop i have seen, with their deadly initiative and moral bursts they can take down multiple troops at once. and if by any chance they get lucky during that multiple hit. R.I.P.
6. This forum section does not answer questions like "How do I play as a level 5 Barbarian?" or "Can I defeat 555 Archers in a hunt?". For additional information on neutral creatures, spells, guilds and other topics, consult external game resources such as http://help.ordenmira.ru

For strategical advice on playing with a certain faction, see General game forum topics entitled "All about Knight/Necromancer/Wizard/etc."
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